If you’ve been hooked on the latest season of the Korean dating reality show Transit Love, you’re probably familiar with some of its past contestants!

Back in 2022, Lee Nayeon captivated us all with her vibrant personality and outgoing nature.

Nowadays, she keeps her fans updated through her YouTube channel, sharing glimpses of her life and offering advice. One of her videos even covers some invaluable weight loss tips!

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Over the years, Nayeon has managed to shed an impressive 20kg using her own unique methods and approach to weight loss. With her techniques, she’s able to drop 1-2kg per month!

What’s even more remarkable is that she makes changes to her lifestyle and physique to stay fit, so that even if she’s not actively losing weight, she can still prevent herself from gaining weight easily.

Keep reading to discover how Nayeon maintains a healthy lifestyle on her weight loss journey!

Disclaimer: Results may vary based on your own body type and lifestyle habits!

Reduce Your Meal Portions

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Nayeon recommends trying to reduce your meal portions by half if you’re looking to shed some weight.

Since it may be hard to restrict specific foods, so she suggests eating whatever you like, but in moderation.

It can be challenging to control yourself, especially when you’re enjoying your favourite dish! However, after a few days, you might find that you’re satisfied with less food, and you’ll feel full quicker.

Eat Healthy

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Nayeon enjoys traditional Korean dishes with healthy ingredients. Her meals typically include 100g of duck meat, lettuce, and half a bowl of rice. She’s a fan of bibimbap and BBQ rice bowls too!

She stresses the importance of eating regularly rather than fasting. Depriving your body of essential nutrients may lead to overeating later on due to hunger.

Instead of starving yourself, Nayeon suggests that you simply stop eating before you’re completely full, and following her advice of cutting your portions in half!

Be Careful With Supplements

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Nayeon cautions against relying on diet pills and supplements for weight loss, as they may not be very effective and could potentially cause issues like constipation.

She believes that while these products may help prevent weight gain, they are unlikely to actively promote weight loss. Moreover, if you are already monitoring your diet, taking digestion-focused diet pills could do more harm than good.

These pills may increase your digestion rate, but if there simply isn’t enough food in your body to be digested, you might end up doing damage to your digestive system instead!

Exercise Regularly

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

To avoid bulky muscles, Nayeon suggests lighter exercises instead of weight training at the gym. She personally does ballet twice a week and aerobic exercises once or twice a week to maintain strength and stamina.

For muscle building, she recommends working out two or three times a week, with Russian twists being effective for abdominal muscles, and lunges working well for the lower body.

It’s important to remember that results may take time to show, so consistency and regular exercise are key for long-term success rather than quick fixes.

Stretch Often

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

Nayeon ensures she stretches and massages her muscles regularly, indicating that she does stretching exercises almost every day.

She uses a massage ball on her neck, shoulders, hips, and underarms.

This helps relax the muscles, improve circulation, and eliminate toxins, preventing muscle stiffness and knots.

Take Half-body Baths

Credits: @inayommi/Instagram

Although Nayeon might not always exercise daily, she mentions that she takes regular half-body baths.

Half-body baths, where only the lower half of the body is soaked in hot water, are very popular in Korea. She uses water between 38 and 40 degrees, spending 20 to 30 minutes in the bath.

She also adds aroma oils for better circulation and a calming environment. This method boosts metabolism, aids in detoxification, and releases muscle tension, allowing for a moment of relaxation even during a weight loss journey!

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Credits: @inayommi/Youtube

By setting realistic goals and avoiding rapid weight loss through crash diets, you’re more likely to achieve your desired results.

Nayeon disapproves of quick weight loss methods like crash diets, as they are hard to sustain long-term and often lead to you rapidly regaining weight.

Instead of resorting to unhealthy practices for weight loss, Nayeon believes in taking a more gradual approach and understanding that bodies change slowly over time.

By staying dedicated to your goals and avoiding the pressure of rapid weight loss, your journey will be smoother and healthier in the long run!

Featured image credits: @inayommi/Instagram, @inayommi/Youtube.