Even if you haven’t heard of the name Kiko Mizuhara, chances are you’ve seen the face of this American-born Japanese actress.

In fact, Kiko starred as a witch doctor in Trick The Movie: Last Stage where she spoke Bahasa Melayu as the movie was filmed in Kuching, Malaysia.

What we find surprising is that Kiko Mizuhara is apparently 31 but totally looks like she just entered her twenties to us.

To find out how she achieved clear and radiant skin, we dug into her beauty tips to share them with you.

She washes her face with water every morning

Supermodel Kiko Mizuhara Beauty Tips #1 water cleansing

Photo source: @i_am_kiko on Instagram

When she wakes up in the morning, Kiko does water cleansing and forgoes using a cleanser, which is gentler on the skin.

Regarding water temperature, she alternates between hot and cold water as she feels it makes her skin look better.

She applies skincare slowly

Kiko is one to take her time when applying products onto her skin and never rushes things. For example, she would wait for her toner to be completely absorbed before moving on.

She attributes this habit to her mum, who advised her that applying skincare too fast will make it ineffective.

She uses a facial massager

One of her favourite beauty devices is the Panasonic Facial Massager (RM1,836) which combines radio frequency and ultrasound technology to target signs of aging.

All you have to do is massage a water-based gel, serum, or milky lotion into your skin for visibly lifted, softer, and smoother skin after the first use alone.

She is a fan of Dior products

Supermodel Kiko Mizuhara Beauty Tips #2 Dior fan

Photo source: @i_am_kiko on Instagram

Although Kiko is always trying out different skincare products, she does have a few favourite brands in her routine.

It’s not surprising that Dior’s products are some of her favourites, as she was also made the brand’s first Asian Beauty Ambassador back in 2018.

She can do her makeup in five minutes

Her makeup routine is so easy, she is always doing it on the go in taxis. First, Kiko curls her lashes and applies mascara before filling in her eyebrows.

Next, she applies a colour correcting base to her face and then layers it with concealer to give it a more natural look. She then finishes her look off with a lipstick.

She lines her eyes fully without open spaces

A beautiful cat eye is Kiko’s signature style. To achieve her signature look, she uses an eyeliner to fill in the space between her eyelashes to ensure there are no open spaces.

She also starts with the ends first when lining her eyes, and always makes sure that both cat eyes match.

She loves a classic, 50s-inspired makeup look

Supermodel Kiko Mizuhara Beauty Tips #3 classic makeup

Photo source: @i_am_kiko on Instagram

Even though Kiko could probably pull off any type of makeup look with her beautiful complexion and features, she always has difficulty trying out new looks.

Her go-to style of choice is actually classic, 50s-inspired makeup such as those worn by the iconic Audrey Hepburn.

She often goes to saunas

Saunas are a favourite activity of this supermodel and actress, as she says her face feels lifted and her skin looks brighter after a good steam session.

She goes to a dry sauna and goes into the cold water for about four times. Her advice is that you must go into the cold water as it really does make a big difference.

She has a relaxing night beauty routine

Kiko unwinds after a long day by soaking in a hot bath filled with hydrogen or bath salt, which really helps to rest her body.

She also makes sure to drink a lot of water throughout the day to replenish her hydration levels. She drinks about a litre a day.

Featured image credit: i_am_kiko & i_am_kiko