In Malaysia’s humid weather, sweating and makeup smudges are almost inevitable, even with layers of setting spray.

And if you wear glasses or sport sunglasses outdoors, you know the struggle of those nose marks messing up your makeup when you take them off – super annoying, right?


But guess what? We’ve got a simple makeup hack for minimising those glasses marks!

We’re breaking down this useful tutorial by @stephhui that teaches you exactly how to fix this problem, so you can save yourself the hassle of touching up your base every time you take off your sunglasses.

Keep reading, and your makeup will stay on point even in the scorching heat!

Step 1: Prime With Eyeshadow Primer

Grab a small brush and apply eyeshadow primer to the spots where your glasses usually sit on your nose. This gives your makeup a better grip, preventing it from sliding around.


Then, layer on your foundation or concealer, blend it out like you normally would.


Spritz on some setting spray, and set everything in place with setting powder.


Step 2: Bake The Area Where The Glasses Touch Your Nose

Dust on some powder and bake the tiny spot where your glasses touch your nose. For the uninitiated, “baking” involves applying a thick layer of loose powder to set concealer and foundation, before dusting off the excess powder.


Step 3: Clean Your Sunglasses With Rubbing Alcohol

Wipe the nose bridge of your glasses with rubbing alcohol to get rid of any lingering oils from your last wear. Excess oils can mess with your makeup, so keeping that nose area matte is key.


You can also dust a bit of powder onto the nose part of the glasses with a brush.


Dust off the bake, and voila! You’re good to rock your sunglasses without worrying about makeup disasters.


Wondering if this hack really works? Stephanie did a half-face comparison with and without the hack.


After an hour in the hot and humid weather, the hacked side showed no makeup breakdown or movement, unlike the other side with visible redness and peeking skin upon removing the glasses.

So, the next time you’re heading out with glasses or sunglasses, give this handy makeup hack a shot!

Featured image credit: @stephhui/TikTok.