Dealing with bad posture and back pain, or aiming for a more symmetrical face?

These problems could be linked to a curved spine, impacting your body’s alignment. Surprisingly, focusing on your breathing might just be the solution!

Korean Youtuber JJeong U revealed in a recent video how conscious breathing and stretching assisted her in straightening her spine and enhancing her posture.

Check out this article for a summary of her top tips on how to perform these exercises effectively!

Identifying The Issues

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

JJeong U reveals that she has struggled with bad posture since her school days. This was mainly due to her habit of constantly leaning to one side while writing or putting weight on one foot.

In the past, her condition was so severe that surgery seemed like the only option.

According to her, it is usually easy to spot any major problems just by looking at your posture in the mirror.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

You can check if your facial features are slightly uneven or asymmetrical, if your pelvis is tilted rather than parallel to the ground, or if one leg is longer than the other.

After facing these challenges, she sought guidance from a physical therapist and successfully aligned her spine with expert help, restoring it to a healthy state.

Throughout her path to healing, she incorporated easy yet impactful at-home workouts!

Core Exercises to Strengthen Spine

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

JJeong U emphasises the significance of core exercises in enhancing balance and strengthening the spine.

To achieve these benefits, she suggests incorporating classic core exercises like planks, leg raises, and crunches into your routine.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

She recommends practicing diaphragmatic breathing to strengthen your abdominal muscles.

To do this, focus on expanding your stomach as you inhale.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

As you exhale, make sure to clench your stomach to contract the muscles.

Additionally, JJeong U advises maintaining a slight tension in your core even during normal breathing. This helps engage the core muscles and prevents excessive fat accumulation.

Stretching Your Muscles to Prevent Stiffness

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

To prevent muscle stiffness and back pain after working out, it’s important to cool down and stretch properly.

JJeong U uses a foam roller to relax her pelvis muscles that may have tightened during exercise.

She places the roller under her buttocks and bends one knee, placing her foot on the knee of the other leg, then rolls from side to side.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

To stretch her thighs, she rolls back and forth with the foam roller beneath them, targeting both the front and back muscles.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

For her neck, she tilts her head back and pulls her shoulder blades backwards to stretch.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

To stretch her pectoral muscles, she places her hand on a wall with her elbow bent, and pushes her body away from the wall.

Breathing Exercises to Improve Posture

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

Schroth exercises are highly recommended by JJeong U after completing the earlier movements. These exercises combine stretching, strengthening, and breathing techniques, specifically designed to help scoliosis patients.

To ensure proper execution, JJeong U suggests wearing tight clothes that allow you to observe the shape of your body during the exercises. This way, you can be aware of how your spine is positioned.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

If you have a curved spine, you may notice that one side of your ribs slightly protrudes. During the exercise, take a deep breath and let the air fill the concave side of your ribs, opposite to the protruding side.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

Next, exhale through your teeth, making a ‘sss’ sound. This engages your body more than a regular exhale. As you exhale, imagine that you are gently pulling in the protruding side.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

For an added challenge, you can try performing these exercises while sitting on a gym ball. This requires engaging your core muscles to maintain balance, which helps strengthen and stimulate the muscles around your spine.

Credits: @JJeongU/Youtube

Alternatively, you can also do these exercises while lying down. Pay attention to which parts of your torso lift off the ground. As you breathe, try to inflate these areas with air and then press them back down to the ground.

Remember, if you have serious concerns, it’s always best to consult a medical professional for expert advice and guidance on your journey to recovery.

However, these simple exercises have proven effective for JJeong U in improving her posture and straightening her spine. Since they are literally as simple as breathing, it’s definitely worth giving them a try!

Featured image credits: @JJeongU/Youtube.