If you’re a fan of the popular K-drama My Happy Ending, then you’d probably already know and love the talented actress So Yi-hyun!

Not only is she known for her amazing acting skills, but her youthful beauty and effective self-care routine have also garnered positive attention.

In this article, we’ve gathered some of her best self-care tips, so you can enhance your own beauty and feel your absolute best! So, keep reading to discover her valuable advice.

Credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.

Beauty Tip #1: Cleanse With Steam

Credits: So Yi-hyun In Gyo-jin OFFICIAL/Youtube.

Yi-hyun recently uploaded a vlog on her YouTube channel where she reveals her steam massage technique for achieving a deep cleanse of her skin.

Credits: So Yi-hyun In Gyo-jin OFFICIAL/Youtube.

To begin, she moistens a towel with warm water and gently places it on her face. The warmth of the towel works its magic by opening up the pores and allowing the skin to breathe.

This wonderful technique aids in the removal of impurities like makeup, oil, and dirt, making it an essential step to enhance your everyday cleansing routine.

Beauty Tip #2: Exfoliate Weekly

Credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.

In addition to cleansing, this clever steam massage technique can also serve as a method for exfoliating the skin.

The heat of the warm towel will loosen the accumulation of dead skin on your face, so you can effectively exfoliate the dead skin to unveil a healthier layer underneath.

Yi-hyun applies physical exfoliating scrub on her face prior to using the towel, then gently massages her face with the towel to eliminate dead skin. She follows this routine once a week to prevent dead skin cells from piling up.

Once your skin has been exfoliated, your skincare products will have the opportunity to deeply penetrate your skin, allowing you to enjoy even more of their advantages!

Beauty Tip #3: Reduce Snacking

Credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.

In another vlog where she shares her diet tips, Yi-hyun mentions that she hardly ever snacks, which helps her maintain her figure.

While it’s important to have regular, nutritious meals, many of us tend to reach for snacks when we’re stressed or simply bored, even when we’re not really hungry!

Yi-hyun believes in being mindful of your body’s needs and eating only when you’re truly hungry, rather than mindlessly snacking.

But if you really feel the urge to snack, Yi-hyun recommends opting for healthy options. She personally enjoys snacks like hardboiled eggs, almonds, and blueberries!

Beauty Tip #4: Drink Warm Water

Credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.

This is a tip Yi-hyun is passionate about! She prefers to stay away from cold water and rarely indulges in iced drinks.

Instead, she opts for hot water to keep herself hydrated. The reason behind this choice is that hot water is believed to enhance metabolism, making it easier for you to burn calories.

By having a faster metabolism, losing weight becomes effortless, and staying fit becomes a piece of cake.

Beauty Tip #5: Apply Sun Protection Regularly

Credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.

This tip is particularly useful in Malaysia’s tropical climate!

Yi-hyun always makes it a point to apply sunscreen as part of her morning routine. She shares that even if she skips washing her face, sunscreen is a crucial step that she never forgets.

Regularly using sunscreen not only shields your skin from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays, but also reduces the risk of skin cancer, premature aging, and sun damage. After all, nobody wants to deal with a painful sunburn!

Yi-hyun’s go-to sunscreen is the Age 20’s Skin Fit Moist Up Sun Cream.

With its SPF50+ PA++++ formula, it provides excellent protection against sun damage while keeping the skin moisturised all day long.

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Featured image credits: @ssoyang84/Instagram.