While it is true that the best makeup is a smile, achieving that perfect K-pop idol smile isn’t always easy. Have you ever found yourself struggling to smile naturally, resulting in the most awkward-looking? (Think attempting the “Suzy flirting smile” that doesn’t look as cute as the real Suzy?)

If you’ve been nodding along, you’ll be interested to learn about a viral smiling exercise that originates from SM Entertainment has recently gained popularity in China.

For the uninitiated, SM Entertainment is one of the largest Korean entertainment agencies and it currently represents celebrities and K-pop groups such as Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, EXO, and more.

In other words, this smiling exercise is used to train your favourite idols! Want to pick it up and train your smile? Read on!

How To Smile Like A K-pop Idol


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Step 1: Wink Exercise

kpop idol smiling exercise wink exercise

Credits: @kyurindiary/TikTok

Begin by winking with your left eye, then your right eye, and repeat. This improves your eye coordination, resulting in a more synchronised-looking “eye-smile” (that’s what Koreans call the crescent moon shape your eyes make when you smile).

Step 2: Sliming Face Exercise

kpop idol smiling exercise sliming face exercise

Credits: @kyurindiary/TikTok

Puff your cheeks up with air, then smoothly shift the air from left to right to tone your facial muscles. This exercise promotes face symmetry and gives your cheekbones a subtle lift. It is said that this can help give you a more sculpted face shape.

Step 3: Smiling Exercise

kpop idol smiling exercise smiling

Credits: @kyurindiary/TikTok

Lift the corners of your mouth with your index fingers to form a smile. Then, using your fingers, gently return your expression to a neutral position. This  reinforces your muscle movement required for a natural-looking smile, making it easier to recreate the smile effortlessly.

Step 4: Sustaining Your Smile

kpop idol smiling exercise sustaining

Credits: @kyurindiary/TikTok

In the final step, flash a natural smile and strive to maintain the position for 10 seconds. Not only will this build endurance in your facial muscles but also allows you to familiarise yourself with the feeling of holding a confident smile.

Dedicate a few minutes daily to this smiling routine, and your most charming smile will shine through effortlessly even during candid camera moments!

Featured image credits: @kyurindiary/TikTok