To cut or not to cut, that’s always the question – when we’re at the hair salon. If only there was a way to determine if we look better in long or short hair.

Well, apparently there is!

This Tiktok video claims that it has a test that can do exactly that.

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This test is said to have originated from a well-known hairstylist in the United Kingdom, and the best part is that it’ll take you less than a minute to complete it.

There are two methods you can try, and what you need are simple: just a pen and a long ruler or a measuring tape – and you’re good to go!

First method: Measuring from the ear

long short hair hack tiktok method 1

For the first method, place the tip of the ruler at the end of the ear, just under the earlobe.

Next, place the pen horizontally along your chin, while making sure that the end of the it touches the ruler.

Measure the distance of your earlobe to the bottom of your chin.

If this distance is more than 5.7cm, you would very likely be better suited for long hair. On the other hand, if it is less than 5.7cm, you should look great in short hair.

Second method: Measuring the forehead

long short hair hack tiktok method 2

There is a second method you can try, which may be a little simpler as you will not need a pen for it.

Measure the width of your forehead, followed by the width of your shoulders. Then, take first measurement, divide it by the second measurement.

long short hair hack tiktok method 2 results

If the number is more than 0.47cm, you are better suited for short hair. But if it less than 0.47 cm, you should look great in long hair.

What if both methods bring different results?

Short Hair Long Hair Hack my results

I tried this test and got two different results.

In the first method, the distance from my ear to chin is less than 5.7cm. This means that short hair should look good on me.

However, for the second method, the result I got from dividing the two widths was less than 0.47 cm, which means I should look better with long hair.

If you have a similar result to mine – good news! – this apparently means that you can rock both long and short hair!

So, if you’re trying out this quick test yourself or with your friends, let us know what your results are!