Best known for playing Xia Ziwei in the drama My Fair Princess, Taiwanese actress Ruby Lin has been in the entertainment industry for over 20 years now.

Recently, she participated in the 2021 Netflix series Light the Night, where she is credited as a producer and plays a madam in Taipei’s red-light district.

Ruby Lin Beauty Secrets

Photo source: @loveruby_official on Instagram

On January 27 this year, she celebrated her 46th birthday! Are you as shocked as we were about her age? We’re still in awe at how she has maintained her complexion and physique and really doesn’t look that much older than when she was in My Fair Princess 24 years ago.

Hoping to unlock the secrets to her ageless beauty, we’ve compiled a list of her beauty secrets. And best of all, we’re going to share them all with you!

She double-cleanses

Ruby Lin Beauty Secrets Tip #1

Photo source: @loveruby_official on Instagram

When Ruby reaches home, the very first thing she does is double-cleanse her face. This means she first removes her makeup and then washes her face, so that there is no residue left on her face.

Then, while her skin is still damp and her pores are still open, she follows up with her regular skincare routine. This way, more moisture is retained and sealed.

She pats in her products

Before applying her skincare products, she begins with an essence to help boost and prep her skin. What she does is pat in the essence in an upward motion until the product is completely absorbed.

She’s so enthusiastic about patting that her face tends to flush red, but you might want to be a little gentler. She pats in her eye cream with her middle or ring finger too.

She uses skincare devices

To maximise her skincare routine, Ruby uses many different skincare devices and massage techniques when she’s feeling particularly hardworking.

We can see the truth to this as items such as a jade roller or a gua sha tool can really help to improve blood circulation and de-puff the face.

She always, always moisturises

Even Ruby has her tired and busy days, so sometimes she skips her skincare products. But one thing she never skips after cleansing is her moisturiser.

It is important to keep your skin well hydrated, or else it will look dry, tight, and flaky. Hydrated skin not only looks better, but also feels softer and smoother.

She always stays hydrated

Ruby Lin Beauty Secrets Tip #5

Photo source: @loveruby_official on Instagram

Like we mentioned earlier, it’s important to keep your skin well-hydrated. Other than moisturisers, you should also drink plenty of fluids throughout the day.

Ruby not only drinks a lot of water, but she also drinks red bean soup, black bean soup, and red date tea. These help to boost metabolism and reduce water retention.

She does a lot of exercise

Exercise is key to looking and feeling good, and this actress has her exercise routine down pat. Other than heading to the gym, Ruby does yoga, aerial yoga, boxing, and even total resistance exercises.

If you’re looking to start an exercise routine, it’s best to start small and work your way up. Soon enough, you’ll be able to maintain a full exercise routine like Ruby.

She eats light, balanced meals

Ruby Lin Beauty Secrets Tip #7

Photo source: @loveruby_official on Instagram

Ruby avoids many heavy and oily foods including those which are overly refined and processed. Her meals tend to be light and balanced, consisting of carbohydrates, proteins, and fresh vegetables.

For dinner, she takes two portions of meat and one portion of vegetables. You can follow her on Instagram where she tends to post her meals.

She drinks collagen soup

Collagen is known for improving skin elasticity, reducing visible wrinkles, and increasing blood flow to the skin. It keeps your skin from sagging, giving you that plump, youthful look.

Ruby makes her own collagen soup using fish maw, chicken feet, snails, ginseng, black dates, and dried tangerine peel.

She’s into aromatherapy

A pleasant environment can make wonders to your mood. Ruby takes aromatherapy to the next level by giving each room in her house its own dedicated scent.

Her toilet has a tangerine-based scent that helps to rid odours and keep it smelling fresh. She also brings a scented candle with her whenever she goes abroad for filming.

She lives life in the present

Ruby maintains focus on whatever she’s doing at the moment. When she’s at work, she gives it her all, but when she’s at home, she avoids talking about work or business.

During her private time, she enjoys spending her time with her daughter – all without her mobile phone in her hands.

She makes time for herself

Ruby Lin Beauty Secrets Tip #11

Photo source: @loveruby_official on Instagram

It’s always important to make some time for yourself, and Ruby knows this as she schedules precious me-time despite her busy schedule.

For example, she would pour herself some wine and watch TV after everyone in her family fell asleep. Another is after dropping her daughter at school, she would take time to exercise and have a hearty breakfast.

Featured image credit: @loveruby_official