We’re always collecting the latest makeup and beauty products, but unfortunately, we usually don’t have the means to use everything we have.

This means that sometimes we’ve got plenty of beauty products that go past their expiry date but are largely unused.

That’s pretty wasteful, right? If only there were some ways to reuse our beauty products so we can maintain a more sustainable lifestyle.

Actually, there are plenty of ways that we can reuse our beauty products.

The most common solution is to reuse the containers, which is great especially if you’re reusing trial-sized containers for travelling purposes, as most trial containers come less than 100ml.

But other than reusing containers, what else can we do? Here are five interesting ways to reuse your beauty products.

#1: Lipstick to polish metal

Interesting Ways to Reuse Beauty Products Lipstick Polish

You can use your expired lipstick to polish metal items. Think about it – lipsticks are usually made of waxes, which are typically also used for polishing.

This is because wax smooths out the surface by filling swirls and scratches with a protective coating. Go ahead and try this with your dull jewellery to return them to their shiny state.

#2: Lip balm as perfume primer

Interesting Ways to Reuse Beauty Products Lipbalm Perfume Primer

A perfume primer is exactly what it sounds like, it preps your skin for fragrance and makes the scent last longer. Just rub a bit of lip balm on your wrists or around your neck where you’ll be spraying your perfume.

The nourishing ingredients of the lip balm help keep the skin moisturised and becomes something the fragrance can hold onto.

#3: Eyeshadow as nail glitter

Interesting Ways to Reuse Beauty Products Eyeshadow Nail Polish

Combine clear nail polish with your favourite eyeshadows that have gone past their use-by date to create a whole new look for your nails that you probably won’t find anywhere else.

You can easily mix and match your eyeshadow colours to come up with a unique combination for your fingers that will make them stand out.

#4: Makeup remover wipes as regular wipes

Interesting Ways to Reuse Beauty Products Makeup Remover Wipes

Save your expired makeup remover wipes which may break you out if you use them on your face. Instead, use them as regular wipes to remove any dirt and grime that you might need to – the results may surprise you!

Makeup remover wipes should help you get rid of any stubborn dirt on most surfaces. This is because they are formulated to remove most makeup which contain waxes and oils.

#5 Shampoo as laundry detergent

Interesting Ways to Reuse Beauty Products Shampoo Detergent

Expired shampoo can lead to itching or irritation to your scalp – something you certainly would want to avoid. However, you can use expired shampoo as laundry detergent in a pinch.

Take note, though, shampoo usually produces a lot of bubbles and suds so if you’re going to be washing your clothes with it, you should forgo the washing machine and go the handwash route.

Featured image credit: RED