The action-packed episodes of Taxi Driver 2 wouldn’t be complete without the charm and wit of Ahn Go Eun, played by Korean actress Pyo Ye Jin, whom fans refer to as the “most beautiful hacker”.

For the uninitiated, Taxi Driver is Korean drama series about a taxi company, the Rainbow Taxi Company, that serves revenge for clients who are unable to find justice under the law.

Ahn Go Eun is an IT specialist and hacker on this “revenge squad”. “She looks like she has no makeup on, but she’s actually wearing it. In season one, she always tied her hair at work. The claw clip will be her trademark this time,” revealed Pyo Ye Jin in an interview.

Ahn Go Eun might be exacting revenge with Korean airy bangs in place and with total ease, but we’re more curious about how the Korean actress behind the “most beautiful hacker” maintains her beauty off the set. We did some investigating of our own and rounded up Pyo Ye Jin’s beauty tips, including how she keeps her Korean-style bangs always “airy”!


She prepares her own breakfast

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Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Pyo Ye Jin’s Instagram page is filled with pictures of delectable food and she’s also often captured munching on a little something in videos on YouTube. For this foodie, we’re zooming in on the most important meal of the day: breakfast.

In a Taxi Driver 2 behind-the-scenes video for KOCOWA TV, Pyo Ye Jin travels to her filming location in the early morning and holds her simple breakfast up to the camera for the audience to peek at. She’s got strawberry milk in her right hand and a bag of sliced apples in her left.

Photo source: Taxi Driver Season 2 | Behind the Scenes with the lovely Pyo Ye Jin | KOCOWA/YouTube

When asked if she prepares her own breakfast, the star replies with a twinkle, “I just need to peel the apples. I’m sick of gimbap.”

Even though this particular breakfast is easy to prepare, Pyo Ye Jin’s first meal of the day can also take a bit of effort – what’s consistent is that they include fruits or vegetables and are almost always healthy.

She has a colourful healthy diet

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“좋아하는 샐러드”, which translates to “Favourite salad” in her Instagram post. Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

In a home vlog, she chops up yellow capsicum, thick slices of red tomato and white cheese, and tosses it over a green lettuce base to make a colourful salad for breakfast.

Since differently coloured fruits and vegetables can supply your body with a variety of nutrients and antioxidants, it’s good to have not just a healthy, but a rainbow diet too!

Pyo Ye Jin eating the salad she made. Photo source: 엠뚜루마뚜루 : MBC 공식 종합 채널/YouTube

Health Hub suggests eating a wider variety of fruit by following the colours of the rainbow. Munch red fruits like watermelon, orange fruits like papaya, green fruits like honeydew, and so forth, to get the spread of nutrients your body needs.

She drinks black soybean milk

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

We’ve heard of soya milk, almond milk, and trending oat milk, but we’ve hardly come across black soybean milk – a carton drink that Pyo Ye Jin was carrying in her bag, as revealed in a “Show Me Your Bag” video for The Star Magazine.

The difference between black soybeans and the familiar yellow soybean, is simply that the former’s shell contains higher amounts of certain phytonutrients like antioxidants, useful for fighting free radical damage in the body.

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Black soybeans also contain other good-for-skin nutrients like copper, essential for collagen production, and vitamin K, which also helps in the formation of collagen in the body.

Since these black soybeans contain nutrients that can promote healthy, plump skin, the next time you’re thinking of snatching regular soybean milk from the fridge, why not be inspired by Pyo Ye Jin and sip on black soybean milk instead?

She takes vitamin supplements

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

Pyo Ye Jin, in the same “Show Me Your Bag” video, also pulls out a vitamin supplement: Denps TruVitamin.

While our first priority should be to maintain a healthy, balanced diet, vitamin powders or capsules can be useful in supplementing our body with the nutrients it needs.

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

If you’re unsure about what vitamin supplement to add to your diet, perhaps start with vitamin D.

According to Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, it’s difficult to get enough of vitamin D in our normal diets and the best way to make sure we’re consuming a healthy amount is to take a supplement!

Hair and style

She rolls her fringe to wear Korean “airy bangs”

Spot the roller in this photo. Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Pyo Ye Jin’s fringe is the definition of delicate Korean “airy bangs” and they seem to look always slightly curled and with the right amount of “fluff” to give a gentle, airy style.

Her secret to perfect airy bangs? It’s none other than using a trusty roller on her fringe.

Pyo Ye Jin getting ready to go on set for Taxi Driver 2. Photo source: KOCOWA TV/YouTube

The actress, while preparing to go on set to film Taxi Driver 2, is spotted with a purple fringe roller tucked neatly under her bangs, even as the makeup artist does her face.

She’s also got her drawer at home stocked with a couple of rollers, ready for when she needs to curl her fringe right into place.

She switches up her style with hair accessories

Pyo Ye Jin wearing scrunchies. Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Koreans have taken claw clips, scrunchies, and snap clips and spotlighted them in ‘dos ranging from cute to elegant. Pyo Ye Jin’s also no stranger to these hair accessories and often uses them to switch up her style.

She’s mastered the half-up hairstyle, using a purple scrunchie to casually gather up her freshly-curled beach waves. On other days, she simply wears a loose scrunchie on her wrist to add a splash of colour to her outfit.

Photo source: Home Alone | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

In an episode of a Korean variety show, Home Alone, the audience gets to glance at the contents of her drawers. Two of them are packed neatly with claw clips, rollers, cushion snap clips, springy elastic bands, and fluffy scrunchies.

She wears glasses to cover her bare face

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

If there are ever days you feel naked in your bare skin, take a leaf out of Pyo Ye Jin’s book and slip on a pair of spectacles to “cover up”.

The Taxi Driver actress, in The Star Magazine’s “Show Me Your Bag” video, pulls out a light blue glasses case containing a pair of thin-framed, black, rounded spectacles.

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

Curiously, they’re not for practical use. Rather, the glasses are what she wears to cover her bare face and give her more confidence, the star shared with a laugh.

For example, if you’re leaving the gym bare-faced, wear a pair of spectacles to accessorise and “hide” your naked features.


She moisturises her hands

Hands sometimes get left behind when we’re doing our multi-step skincare routines, but not for Pyo Ye Jin. The Korean actress brings a hand cream with her whilst she’s on the go, she shared in the “Show Me Your Bag” video for The Star Magazine!

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

The hand cream she uses is the SABON Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Hand Cream, which is enriched with soothing aloe vera oil and the powerful antioxidant vitamin E.

SABON Patchouli Lavender Vanilla Hand Cream retails for S$19 at SABON, or S$31.21 on Shopee.

She nourishes her cuticles with oil

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

TikTok’s nail slugging trend is making us pay extra attention to the health of our cuticles, so the fact that Pyo Ye Jin has cuticle oil ready in her bag? We feel extra validated on our thin nail woes.

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

Cuticle oil moisturises the skin around your nails – prone to dehydration, cracking, and bleeding – so that you don’t just reap healthier cuticles but also longer, stronger nails.

Pyo Ye Jin’s favourite products

This is her favourite lip balm

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

As she continued emptying the contents of her bag for The Star Magazine, Pyo Ye Jin stumbled upon three lip products, including the LUOES Vegan Lip Care Balm.

“This is my favourite lip balm!” she quipped, explaining that it looks natural on her lips.

Unfortunately, the LUOES Vegan Lip Care Balm isn’t available in Singapore, but you can try a popular Korean lip balm alternative: rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm.

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Known for its dewy, translucent formula, rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm glides easily to give the lips a sheer, natural shine. It’s also available in a wide range of shades, including Muave Whip. The shade is a purplish red, which we’re guessing is similar to the one Pyo Ye Jin wears using her favourite lip balm.

She also introduced the WAKEMAKE Lip Coaster (unavailable in Singapore) and the 3CE Soft Matte Lipstick, which feels like soft velvet on the lips and delivers intense colour perfect for when you’re dressing up.

rom&nd Glasting Melting Balm retails at RM55, at 21% off on Shopee.
3CE Soft Matte Lipstick retails for RM82 on Shopee.

This is the perfume she brings everywhere

pyo ye jin beauty tips (23)

Photo source: THE STAR MAGAZINE/YouTube

Pyo Ye Jin reached into her bag and took out… the Hermès Voyage D’Hermes Eau De Toilette, housed in a silver and clear “flip” bottle that’s so classy to carry around.

This is the perfume she brings everywhere, and it’s a fresh fragrance that boasts bright notes of juniper berries, woody cedar, and gentle white musk.

Hermès Voyage D’Hermes Eau De Toilette isn’t available in Malaysia but you can find other Hermès fragrances on Zalora.

Exercise and lifestyle

She does light stretches when she wakes up

Photo source: Home Alone | KOCOWA TV/YouTube

Perhaps better than a morning coffee is a morning stretch. In Home Alone, Pyo Ye Jin rolls out of bed, shuffles to her floor-to-ceiling window, and then does a few simple stretches as she gazes out at the view below.

Stretching is a great way to wake your muscles and get your blood pumping in the mornings. Just a few light stretches can loosen your body’s stiffness, boost your energy, and realign your posture for the day ahead.

She sweats it out at the gym

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Health and beauty are hard work, even for the “most beautiful hacker” on Taxi Driver, Pyo Ye Jin. The actress puts in the hard work of going to the gym to lift weights and sweat it out!

Regular exercise even sends more oxygen and nutrients to your cells and takes away toxins from your skin, giving you skin that’s healthy and radiant from within.

She basks in nature

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

We’re guessing that Pyo Ye Jin’s clear skin comes from doing the things that she loves, one of which is spending time in nature. The star often posts photos of herself at the beach, looking out at the sky and the sea, or walking her dog at the park, surrounded by lush greenery.

Photo source: yjiinp/Instagram

Being in nature can really help to boost positive emotions, calm the mind, and reduce stress. Since the final, we know, is contrary to a youthful skin radiance, it’s likely that Pyo Ye Jin’s embracing of nature and the outdoors is one reason for her natural, fresh glow.

She doesn’t forget sunscreen

pyo ye jin beauty tips (28)

Photo source: TCAST/YouTube

Yes, Pyo Ye Jin might spend lots of time in the sunny outdoors, but she’s also diligent with sunscreen application.

pyo ye jin beauty tips (29)

Photo source: TCAST/YouTube

In a reality television series, the actress goes wakeboarding – but not before she applies a thick layer of sunscreen over her face. She doesn’t stop there either, but also makes sure to cover every area of exposed skin with SPF, including her feet!

Featured image credit: yjiinp/Instagram

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