Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe 2015, is more than just a beautiful face. She exudes confidence and self-care, serving as an inspiration for countless girls.

While her inner beauty captivates many, her flawless skin and gorgeous hair are the envy of all. (Even her wax figure in Madame Tussauds Singapore has us swooning at her beauty!)

Join us as we uncover Pia’s beauty regimen, discovering her secrets to looking and feeling fabulous. Keep reading for all the details!

Find the Right Products for Your Hair

Pia Wurtzbach Hair

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

Pia’s stunning beauty is undeniable, especially with her gorgeous, voluminous hair. Her secret to maintaining such healthy locks? It’s all about finding the perfect hair products that suit your specific needs!

Understanding your hair type and concerns is crucial when selecting the right products. While it may feel overwhelming at first, the effort put into finding the ideal products will pay off in the end when you witness the amazing results.

Pia, for example, swears by Cream Silk’s hair products. She never leaves home without them, even when she’s on the go.

Be Consistent With Your Beauty Routine

Pia Wurtzbach Bare Faced

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

Pia firmly advocates for the significance of maintaining a consistent beauty routine. Instead of giving up on a product too soon or neglecting certain steps, it’s important to be patient and committed.

Remember, achieving the desired transformation for your skin and hair takes time. By faithfully following your routine, you’ll provide the products with the opportunity to work their wonders!

Put On a Hair Mask While Working Out

Pia Wurtzbach Workout

Credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram

Pia’s final beauty tip is a game-changer! We all know the struggle of waiting for a hair mask to work its magic. It can be rather time-consuming, especially if you’re always on-the-go.

Here’s a brilliant idea from Pia: instead of sitting around and waiting, she applies her hair mask during her workout. This way, she saves time and gets the best of both worlds.

After her workout, she simply takes a shower and rinses off the hair mask at the same time. Not only does she get an hour of exercise, but her hair also gets the nourishment it needs. It’s killing two birds with one stone!

Featured image credits: @piawurtzbach/Instagram