You probably already know the importance of using skincare essentials like sunscreen and moisturiser daily to maintain the prime condition of your face. However, what you may need is a reminder to extend the same level of care and attention to your neck and décolletage area.

Not convinced? Take a look at this viral picture of a lady on Twitter, which highlights the consequences of not wearing UV-protective skincare on her neck for over four decades. It serves as a powerful example of the significance of proper skincare for our neck and décolletage.

Covered in sun spots and wrinkles, the skin below her chin starkly contrasts against her much smoother and well-maintained face. It’s far more concerning than getting a tan line that will go away after a period, to say the least.

We sought to uncover the ways to combat this phenomenon to ensure our faces and necks age gracefully together. Here’s what we found!

Why should we care about the skin below our face?

Credit: Unsplash

This area often receives significant sun exposure without the same level of SPF protection we apply to our faces, so it tends to exhibit premature signs of ageing earlier than other parts of the body.

Additionally, did you know the skin on our necks is 50% thinner than the skin on our faces? This means that it’s far more delicate and prone to wrinkles and looseness.

Due to fewer oil glands in that area, our necks often require more hydration than our face, but we don’t receive nearly enough of it in our usual skincare routine. Given that dry skin is what causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating our necks is all the more important.

The décolletage is also regularly exposed to sunlight, harsh soaps, and rough fabrics, and is often overlooked when it comes to skincare. As a result, it becomes vulnerable to various skin issues caused by photodamage as well.

It’s not just for vanity’s sake

Credit: Unsplash

According to Dr Christian Fuchs, an expert in skin cancer research who published a commentary on the viral photo above, shared that if we address and treat the signs of ageing early on, we can undoubtedly also reduce our risk of contracting diseases. This is due to the substantial link between ageing and our risk of cancer.

So what are some practical ways you can maintain a youthful-looking neck? Here are five to start practising.

Protect your décolletage from the sun

Since we don’t have the luxury of providing added sun protection by layering up with scarves or thick turtlenecks in sunny Malaysia, it’s all the more important to harness the power of sunscreen on our décolletage.

We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting your neck from damaging UV rays if you want to delay the appearance of ageing! Apply at least two fingers’ worth of high SPF broad-spectrum sunscreen to your neck and chest daily, even if you’re not directly exposed to the sun. 

Our sunscreen pick is the Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection SPF79+, which effectively protects against UVA/UVB damage, blue light and environmental pollution.

Crystal Tomato Beyond Sun Protection SPF79+ retails for RM260 on Shopee

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Use a neck moisturiser

Regular moisturising is another important step for maintaining the elasticity of our neck skin and preventing dryness, fine lines, and wrinkles. You could purchase a high-quality neck moisturiser or cream designed just for this area.

Look for ones with ingredients that can increase the production of collagen and enhance skin quality, such as hyaluronic acid, retinol, peptides, and vitamin C. Here are some acclaimed ones to try.

Clarins Extra-Firming Youthful Lift Neck & Decollete Care

Drawing inspiration from the sunflower’s stem movement, Clarins Laboratories ingeniously blended sunflower extracts. This unique combination includes unsaponifiables extracted from the seed and auxins derived from the stem.

The result is a formula that effectively enhances elasticity and firmness in the neck and décolletage area, maintaining a flexible and revitalised appearance.

Clarins Extra-Firming Youthful Lift Neck & Decollete Care retails for RM440. At the time of writing, it is on sale for RM215.70 on Shopee.

Allies of Skin Retinal & Peptides Repair Night Cream

Supercharged with four peptides, 10 antioxidants, and five brighteners, this multitasking treatment moisturiser helps to provide superior hydration overnight, make your complexion brighter, and reduce the signs of premature ageing.

Allies of Skin Retinal & Peptides Repair Night Cream retails for RM599 on

RoC Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream

Want an affordable décolletage cream? Using their groundbreaking Hexinol technology, RoC created a non-greasy and non-comedogenic cream that targets various skin concerns at a great price point of about S$30. It works to enhance skin tone, firmness, and hydration, while visibly reducing fine lines, wrinkles, and discolouration.

Its key ingredients, including shea butter, vitamin C, and hexylresorcinol, contribute to the restoration of radiance and overall skin improvement. It’ll leave your skin feeling smooth and refreshed.

RoC Multi Correxion 5-in-1 Restoring Night Cream retails for RM87 on Shopee.

Revision Skincare Nectifirm

Revision Skincare’s award-winning cream features a powerful combination of antioxidants, youth-boosting peptides, and plant extracts. Along with active ingredients like vitamins C and E, it effectively reduces the visibility of uneven-toned, rough, and crepey skin, leaving it noticeably improved and revitalised.

Revision Skincare Nectifirm retails for RM441 on Shopee.

Don’t forget your other skincare steps

Neck Wrinkle Treatment Skincare

It’s important to extend all steps of your skincare routine down to your neck and décolletage too. Cleanse, exfoliate, and apply serums or treatments to these areas.

We recommend exfoliating your neck at least once a week, since this part of your body can harbour substantial bacterial and dead skin cells that should be cleansed off periodically. 

You can then gently massage your other skincare products into the skin, using upward strokes, to stimulate blood circulation and enhance firmness.

Practise proper posture

Believe it or not, maintaining proper posture can improve the way your neck looks. Sagging skin and neck creases can be exacerbated by slouching or hunching.

You can reduce the stress on your neck muscles and delay signs of ageing by consciously maintaining good posture. So sit upright, and take care of that double chin before it loses the fight against gravity. 

Do neck exercises whenever you can

Engaging in regular neck exercises can help tone the muscles and improve the overall appearance of your neck. Simple exercises like neck rotations, chin tucks, and neck stretches can promote muscle strength and flexibility.

Here’s a 10 min exercise routine you can do in your free time to achieve a slender neck and feminine-looking décolletage.

Preventing signs of ageing on the neck requires a proactive and holistic approach. By incorporating these skincare tips and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, you can effectively combat the signs of ageing on your neck.

Remember, consistency is key, and it’s never too early or too late to start caring for your neck. Embrace these strategies, and you’ll be on your way to a more youthful-looking neck that defies the hands of time!

Featured image credit: Unsplash