We were heartbroken when J-pop queen Namie Amuro announced her retirement in 2018; the singer was a big part of our childhood. we were seriously heartbroken since she was a big part of our childhood.

Often referred to as the “Diva of Heisei Era” and the “Queen of Japanese Pop”, Namie Amuro has just turned 45 in September. She hasn’t made any public appearance since 2018 and only came out as the personality behind a digital avatar called Ado earlier this year. However, we can still remember how gorgeous she looked at her final concert when she was 41.

In a bid to find out how she keeps her youthful glow, we’ve collected a list of beauty tips she’s shared publicly. Read on and take notes!

She loves meat and hot pot

Namie Amuro Beauty Tips - eating

Photo source: @amuro_namie_ on Instagram

It might be shocking to hear that this retired singer can maintain a sleek physique despite not eating fruits very often (we don’t recommend this, though!)

Instead, she loves to eat meat, especially when it’s cooked in soy milk hot pot; this soup base is known to be is nutritious and promotes good skin.

She drinks buckwheat water

namie amuro beauty tips 1

Surprisingly, she also does not drink any healthy smoothies to keep her sleek body shape as one might expect.

Instead, she goes for buckwheat water, which is not only rich in amino acids, but can also eliminate flatulence and edema.

Another beverage she enjoys is the acai berry drink, which is rich in antioxidants.

She uses a soymilk facial cleanser

namie amuro beauty tips 3

Namie Amuro uses a special additive-free soymilk facial cleanser to remove the dirt and grime on her face at the end of the day.

Other than cleansing the face thoroughly, soymilk can provide an added moisturising effect to the skin, which is great for those with a drier complexion.

She constantly moisturises

namie amuro beauty tips 2

Namie attaches great importance to moisturising. Whenever her skin is feeling dry, she will apply lotion to keep it hydrated.

Moisturising everyday also reduces the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness, which may lead to other common skin conditions such as acne.

She often takes sake baths

Namie Amuro Beauty Tips - baths

Photo source: @amuro_namie_ on Instagram

After a concert or performance, Namie indulges in long baths to unwind. She adds 500ml of Japanese sake in her bath to relax. The drink is said to allow her body to warm up and increase its metabolism.

She exercises at least six hours every day at her peak

namie amuro beauty tips 5

While she doesn’t do this every day, Namie dances for six hours daily leading to her concerts.

She also goes to the gym and uses exercise balls to work out her body. She makes sure to wear comfortable clothing such as breathable tights during these workouts.

She massages her face using gua sha

namie amuro beauty tips 6

Namie Amuro does gua sha massage on her face to promote circulation, relieve stiffness, and allow for the effective absorption of skincare products.

She’s not the only actress who massages her face, as the belief is that it can help tone your facial muscles and make your face look smaller.

She makes sure to get enough sleep

namie amuro beauty tips 4

Even though Namie’s schedule can be pretty full before she retired, she would hasten her routines in order to get more sleep. She attributes sleep to allowing her skin to rest and to maintain her clear complexion.

She tries to stay in a good mood

namie amuro beauty tips 7

Laughter is Namie’s best medicine for her to stay young, according to her. We can certainly see how that might help.

Research has shown that laugher is actually an outstanding immune system booster and can promote brighter skin and healthier hair.

Featured images from amuro_namie_