We’ve been long-time fans of Tan Sri Michelle Yeoh ever since we first laid eyes on her in Yes, Madam and Police Story 3: Supercop back in the early 90s.

More recently, she became the first actress of Asian descent to win the Best Actress category in the Academy Awards’ 95-year history. This was for her stellar performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once. She’s also the first Malaysian to – not just be nominated but also – win an Oscars.

It truly surprised us when we found out that Michelle has turned 60 last August. She still has a youthful glow, and definitely doesn’t look her age to us.

Of course, we were curious as to how this action superstar is able to age so gracefully. So, we decided to research about her beauty secrets in hopes that we, too, can look as amazing as she does at this age.

She exercises diligently every day

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Screts exercise michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

Michelle has no trouble sticking to an intensive exercise routine day after day, as she maintains her figure by doing about two hours of cardio.

Her favourite exercise is shadowboxing, where a person throws punches at the air as if there is an opponent. She also does yoga often, and loves doing it outdoors as she enjoys being surrounded by nature.

She is known to ‘eat like a bird’

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Screts food michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

The martial arts star loves to savour her meals, so she is known for eating slowly. She also eats many small meals a day rather than having three big meals.

While she enjoys loves her red wine, frozen yogurt or occasional cheesecake, she tries to cut out sugar from her diet as her family has a history of diabetes. She also loads up on fruits and vegetables in her daily diet.

She finishes her warm showers with a splash of cold water

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Screts cold showers michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

At the beginning of the day, she goes for a warm shower but loves to turn the temperature down to ice-cold at the very end.

She notes that the sudden coldness is something to get used to but she enjoys doing it because it is very refreshing for her. Scientifically, we could probably her glowing skin to this ritual; cold water tightens and constricts the blood flow, which gives you a healthy flush.

She always protects her skin from the sun

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Screts suncare michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

The actress hopped on the suntan trend back in the ’80s, but quickly noticed that the sun exposure really aged her skin and stopped.

Now, she never goes out without applying sunscreen – a skincare advice that she got from her grandmother.

She uses sheet masks or eye patches every day

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Screts sheet masks michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

Michelle always has sheet masks or eye patches on hand to quickly replenish her skin’s hydration levels anytime she wants.

The international star is often travelling around New York, L.A., Canada, Bali, and Shanghai, which means her beauty-masking habit comes in very handy for those long flights.

She keeps an intensive K-beauty style routine

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Secrets skincare routine michelleyeoh_official

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official on Instagram

We aren’t that surprised that Michelle uses a standard K-beauty skincare routine, which is known for involving several skincare steps, with some routines reaching 10 steps.

But you may need to break the bank if you want to replicate Michelle’s routine as it includes several skincare items that come with a hefty price tag:

Her makeup artist emphasises on her natural beauty

Michelle Yeoh Beauty Secrets makeup artist sabrinabmakeup

Photo source: @sabrinabmakeup on Instagram

“I didn’t really want to make a makeup statement, I just wanted her to look beautiful.” – Sabrina Bedrani, Michelle’s makeup artist.

Sabrina shared that she always begins with skin prep for clients who are a little older. She cleans the skin and then applies skincare for a healthy radiance. After that goes on foundation, followed by eyeliner.

She uses a natural brown shade of eyeshadow for Michelle, by applying a little on the crease of her eye and the bottom of her lash line. The look is then finished with a lash primer and mascara.

Featured image credit: michelleyeoh_official & michellyeoh_official