Have you ever thought about matching your makeup to your unique personality type? Makeup can be a creative way to express your personality, and let the world know more about who you are!

You may have come across the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) personality test during your leisure time, or maybe you’ve been convinced to take it with your friends.

This popular test categorises personalities into four main elements, and the resulting four-letter code provides a detailed understanding of your overall personality!

What MBTI Types Are There?

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There are a total of sixteen MBTI personality types, which can be split into four main spheres.

NF (Intuition and Feeling) types are compassionate and empathetic communicators. They rely on their intuition and enjoy connecting with others.

NT (Intuition and Thinking) types are analytical and logical thinkers. They possess a natural pragmatism and excel at understanding complex systems and ideas.

SJ (Sensing and Judging) types are organised and detail-oriented individuals. They are dedicated to their work and prioritise practicality in their lives.

SP (Sensing and Perceiving) types are adventurous and live in the present moment. They are easygoing and adaptable, capable of quick thinking.

If you identify with any of these types, keep reading to discover a makeup look that perfectly complements your unique personality!

NF Makeup – A Soft and Peachy Look

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As an NF type, you’re likely to be good at communicating and understanding others, with a sensitive and kind personality. That’s why a gentle and sweet makeup look is absolutely perfect for you.

Why not create a fresh, girl-next-door look by drawing inspiration from Peach Fuzz, Pantone’s 2024 Colour of the Year?

By blending peachy blush with subtle eye makeup and even adding faux freckles, this look will enhance your natural beauty and allow your kindhearted nature to shine through.

With this approachable and soft look, you’re sure to leave a positive impression on the people you meet!

NT Makeup – A Bold and Glamorous Look

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NT personalities possess a natural inclination towards analysis and are great at finding effective and rational solutions to problems.

With your logical thinking and sound decision-making abilities, a stunning red-lip makeup style will demonstrate your self-assurance and confidence in your own capabilities.

Apply a high-coverage foundation to create a flawless base, ensuring an impeccable appearance.

Enhance your features by pairing subtle, muted eyeshadow and blush tones with a striking red lip, allowing your potential and strength to shine through!

SJ Makeup – A Simple and Minimalist Look

Credits: @thinkaboutzu/Instagram

If you have an SJ personality type, you’re likely to have a practical mindset and feel more at ease with what is logical and familiar to you.

So, you might find yourself gravitating towards the ‘clean girl’ makeup style, preferring a simple and natural look.

To achieve that flawless no-makeup makeup, opt for neutral eyeshadow shades in earthy tones.

With this eyeshadow, you won’t have to worry about making mistakes while getting ready – even if you do, it’s easy to blend the eyeshadow to match the rest of your skin!

Enhance your natural beauty with a light-coverage foundation that lets your natural skin shine through and consider trying soft and gentle brows to complete your fresh and polished appearance.

SP Makeup – A Bright and Fun Look

Credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram

If you’re an SP type, chances are you have a fun-loving and free-spirited nature.

If standing out in a crowd isn’t daunting to you and you love an eye-catching look, put your imagination to good use by playing with colours in your makeup!

Experiment with a variety of shades and have fun with vibrant colors to capture everyone’s gaze.

For a fun and youthful vibe, try applying a rosy blush that will make you look flushed with excitement.

And if you’re off to a special event, try incorporating sparkly sequins or cute stickers into your makeup, for a truly unique look!

Featured image credits: @newjeans_official/Instagram, @jennierubyjane/Instagram.