You’ve probably already heard of the popular L’Oreal Magic Retouch Root spray. This is used for retouching outgrown hair roots. Now guess what – this is now used by innovative makeup junkies to create faux freckles too!


The faux freckles look is a big trend in the last few years and makeup junkies have been trying to find the best way to recreate these beauty marks. Most turn to eyeliners or eyebrow pencils to draw them on, while others go for a semi-permanent solution with henna.

And now, the Loreal Magic Retouch Root spray looks to be the fuss-free and smudge-proof hack to getting the look. Read on to find out how!

How to create fake freckles with the Magic Retouch Root Spray

1. Lightly spray on the product

loreal root retouch spray faux freckles

Spray the product on your face. (Note: pick a colour you prefer.)

Take note not to spray it too hard or you’ll risk leaving blotchy dark marks on your face instead. Make sure you don’t spray too near. your face too, or it may appear patchy. If you’re doing it for the first time, perhaps test it on a piece of paper or tissue first.

2. Blend the “freckles” onto your skin

faux freckles step 2

Once you’re happy with the amount of “spots” you’ve created, blend everything out evenly with a sponge so it looks natural.

3. The look is done!

faux freckles spray step 3

Take a look at how it looks natural on TikTok beauty star, Ollie Rockabilly!

Watch the full Tiktok video here:

@ollierockabillyAttempting a freckle tutorial, using L’Oréal magic retouch in medium iced brown. #fakefreckles #freckle #frecklestutorial #frecklesmakeup #makeup♬ original sound – Ollie Rockabilly ?

What people think of this trend

There were many who loved the look and found it natural-looking.

loreal spray freckles comments 1

Others weren’t so impressed.

loreal spray comments 2


Youtubers who have tried out this hack

1. Beauty YouTuber, Slashed Beauty

faux freckles slashed beauty

She agreed that this is a cool way to create faux freckles, however she emphasised that it takes practice to nail the perfect look and that ultimately, this is not how the product is intended to be used, so try the hack at your own discretion.

2. Beauty Youtuber, Jessyka Martin

faux freckles jessyka martin

She was impressed by how incredible the results were and recommended using this hack to get natural-looking fake freckles.

3. Beauty Youtuber, Naomi Jon

faux freckles naomi jon 1

faux freckles naomi jon 2

Naomi Jon, who is known as the queen of creating the most natural-looking fake freckles on YouTube, had a bad experience with this spray. She showed that the result was patchy and the “freckles” didn’t look natural on her at all.

If you would like to try the L’Oreal Magic Retouch Root spray, whether it be for trying out this unique trend or for using it on your hair, you can purchase it at RM40.90 from Watsons.