Li Bingbing is a Chinese actress that rose to fame in the late 90s and early 2000s thanks to her memorable roles in many films.

She has even been in international films such as Resident Evil: Retribution, Transformers: Age of Extinction, and The Meg.

We’ve been snooping around her Instagram lately and were totally shocked to hear that she’s nearing 50 years old!

Curious what we could learn from her about ageing gracefully, we’ve gathered a list of her beauty tips and taking down notes – so should you!

She uses BB cream with sun protection

Li Bingbing Beauty Tips - 1 bb cream - libingbing on Instagram

Photo source: @libingbing on Instagram

The Chinese actress recommends using sunscreen every day as it helps to block harmful UV rays, which in turn slows down the skin’s ageing process.

Her sun protection of choice are BB creams with SPF. This allows her to cut down on the number of products she use while having the appearance of near-flawless skin.

She uses ice water to wake up her face

Li Bingbing places a cleaning cloth and water in the fridge overnight so that she can use ice water to cleanse her face each morning.

She says that this method of cleansing helps to jolt her awake in the morning and she calls this her daily “spa morning call”.

She uses a sheet mask a day

A daily facial sheet mask is Li Bingbing’s way of maintaining the hydration levels of her skin, especially when she is always on the go due to her busy schedule.

She applies sheet masks during her long flights to keep her face moisturised in the dry cabin air. Face masks also work as a last-minute skincare prep for big events she attends too.

She is a fan of night creams

Following her emphasis on moisturising her skin, she makes sure to lock in her skincare ingredients and boost moisture during the night using night creams.

Night creams are also often formulated to help your skin repair from the damage of the day, while prepping it to withstand the following day’s stressors.

She rejuvenates with essential oils and yoga

Li Bingbing Beauty Tips - 2 yoga - libingbing on Instagram

Photo source: @libingbing on Instagram

Li Bingbing’s secret weapon to maintaining the great condition of her body and mind is to burn some lavender oil, turn on the music, and practise yoga.

She always manages to squeeze in time to relax and rejuvenate with yoga no matter how packed her schedule may be. It’s no wonder she has a good physique too!

She uses whatever is around her to exercise

This star does also doesn’t waste time as she often grabs whatever is around her to do an impromptu exercise whenever she can.

For example, she has used a mineral water bottle as a dumbbell to exercise her arms. Another example is doing stretches while queuing at the supermarket.

She drinks warm water every morning

Other than skincare, she also places a lot of emphasis on having a healthy diet.

On top of that, she drinks two cups of lukewarm water every morning; she believes that this routine helps wash away any toxins she may have eaten the day before.

She always eats breakfast

No matter how busy Li Bingbing gets, she will always make time to eat breakfast – talk about not neglecting the most important meal of the day!

Typically, she has a bowl of high-fibre grain porridge, which can detoxify the skin and thus make it look better.

She is a fan of healthy-eating

She believes that in order to stay young, healthy-eating is key.

She often eats soy products; apart from benefiting from its great nutritional value, it also contains phytoestrogens, which helps in menstrual relief.

She never goes to bed without removing makeup

Li Bingbing Beauty Tips - 3 sleep - libingbing on Instagram

Photo source: @libingbing on Instagram

As this actress has dry skin, she always places importance in skincare. This is why she does not slack off and always removes her makeup before bed.

Sleeping with makeup on can trap dirt and environmental pollutants inside the skin, causing collagen degradation and premature ageing.

She has a body care ritual

When Li Bingbing is done filming for the day, she lights scented candles and bathes in milk. A ritual that was first done by Cleopatra, milk baths are said to help the skin become smoother.

She also listens to her favourite music, applies a face mask, and does hair care all at the same time, while she’s having her pampering bath.

She eats passionfruit everyday

Li Bingbing’s ultimate secret anti-ageing weapon is not a high-priced skincare product or an advanced medical treatment, but a fruit!

She eats five to six passionfruits every day as it not only contains a lot of vitamin C and carotene but also helps resist free radicals and delay ageing.

Featured image credit: libingbing & libingbing