We’ve always been fans of Lee Joon Gi ever since we saw him in his first major acting role in The King and the Clown back in 2005 – that’s more than 17 years ago.

In fact, the South Korean actor was born 17 April 1982, which means he’s turning 40 this year in 2022.

Lee Joon Gi Skincare Tips Again My Life

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

That’s why we were so surprised when we heard about his latest role as a college student in the upcoming drama Again My Life.

We were even more amazed when we saw his photos, as he totally looks believable as a college student – just look at how boyish and youthful he is!

So, we put our detective skills to the test, to try and find out the secrets behind this age-defying actor.

He believes in natural ingredients and masks, and applies a lot of product

Lee Joon Gi Tips All Natural

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

Skincare products formulated with natural ingredients are top choice for Lee Joon Gi. This is because there won’t be any irritation or reaction on sensitive skin.

One advice he has for those seeking better skin is to use more masks on top of their basic skincare routine, to keep their skin feeling elastic and nourished.

He also believes in quantity. He personally applies a large amount of product on his skin as he believes that it really helps.

His favourite skincare products are a mist and a serum

Lee Joon Gi Tips Mist and Serum

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

Huge fans of Lee Joon Gi might know that he is the brand ambassador for Penegreen, a Korean cosmetic brand that uses naturally derived ingredients.

Before his days as brand ambassador, he was a big fan of the Penegreen Oxygen Injection Derma Mist Essence. He sprays the mist generously on his face every hour or 30 minutes or whenever his skin feels dry.

Another product he enjoys the Penegreen O2 Core-full Capsule Serum, which he applies every morning or during lunch and before he goes to bed as it keeps his skin soft and hydrated.

Fun fact: after he applies a product, he would touch his face to check whether its elasticity and hydration levels have improved; he loves the feeling of hydrated skin!

He considers himself a homebody

Lee Joon Gi Tips Homebody

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

You might be surprised to hear that Lee Joon Gi is someone who stays at home on his rest days, so much so that he labels himself a homebody.

He said that the secret to his healthy skin could be his ability to manage stress.

While on his break, he takes a rest and only thinks about good things. He also has enough sleep and tries not to feel stressed over things.

He practises lots of martial arts and sports

Lee Joon Gi Tips Sports

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

Lee Joon Gi does a lot of different martial arts including Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, which focuses on the skill of grounding an opponent, gaining a dominant position, and using techniques to force opponent into submission.

Besides this, he has other martial arts achievements such as 4th Dan Taekwondo black belt, 1st Dan Hapkido black belt, and 1st Dan Taekyeon black belt. He has also mentioned having knowledge in Wing Chun.

Those aren’t the only martial arts under his belt, as the star has picked up the Russian martial art Systema for his role in Criminal Minds and Thai Kick Boxing for Time Between Dog and Wolf.

Considering his gun and horse-riding skills too, it’s no surprise he is seen as a stunt expert who does all his own stunts.

He follows a strict diet without carbohydrates

Lee Joon Gi Tips Food

Photo source: @actor_jg on Instagram

Lee Joon Gi has cut carbohydrates out of his diet for six years now, as an effort to take care of himself.

Instead, he replaces carbohydrates with tofu, and would have konjac noodles on days he craves ramyeon.

He revealed that it all started while filming Scholar Who Walks the Night in 2015, when he injured his hamstring and nose. That was when he decided to start taking better care of his body.

We believe his diet was also influenced by his role in the historical fantasy Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo back in 2016.

For the role, he lost a total of 15 kg within six months by eating only tofu for his three daily meals. At the time, his refrigerator would hold only various types of tofu food and nothing else.

Featured image credit: Soompi