Even when they’re not on stage, our favourite K-pop idols still look like there’s a constant spotlight on them. This is because of the radiant and dewy glow that they seem to sport effortlessly all the time.


Photo credit: @lesserafim_kazuha/Instagram


Photo credit: @lesserafim_kazuha/Instagram

What’s the secret behind their luminous “spotlight skin”?

Fondly known as “spotlight skin”, this refers to luminous, clear skin that looks as though there’s a light shining on it.

Curious about the secret of your favourite K-pop idols’ “spotlight skin”?

Well, according to a tutorial by Le Sserafim’s makeup artist, the key to that spotlight-like radiance lies in a good pink tone-up cream – one that perfectly complements your skin tone!

What exactly is a tone-up cream?

Tone-up creams are a hybrid of makeup and skincare, designed not only to brighten your skin, but also combat hyperpigmentation and discoloration. They can effortlessly transform your complexion, giving it a glowing boost even before you apply any makeup.

If you’ve been grappling with post-acne marks or those pesky freckles, a tone-up cream can be your go-to solution to reduce their appearance. Its primer-like formula also doubles as a makeup base, smoothing out pores and fine lines, creating the perfect canvas for your foundation!

How to achieve that coveted “spotlight” effect?


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TikTok creator, @sarahkchey, unveils the wonders of this technique! Let’s break it down step by step.

For her, the Espoir Peach Skin Fitting Base is the perfect shade match. With its subtle peachy-pink hue, it effortlessly corrects the dullness and yellowness that can plague Asian skin.


She acknowledges that most tone-up creams can often leave her looking ashy, but this product, when applied with a beauty sponge, blends seamlessly into her skin.


Its sheer consistency effectively corrects dullness around her forehead and chin.


What’s more, it doesn’t leave her looking overly pale, greasy, or sticky – it’s all about that featherlight, breathable feel.


Just look at her even, glowing skin – all without the need for foundation!


Where to find the Espoir Peach Skin Fitting Base?


The Espoir Peach Skin Fitting Base retails for RM193.53 at Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing. Tap into the link to see its latest price.

Featured image credits: @lesserafim_kazuha/Instagram, @sarahkchey/TikTok