Have you noticed how Korean idols seem to light up a room with their smiles?

It turns out their perfect smiles aren’t always entirely natural! According to a Tiktok video by @l_yuhann, some K-pop idols actually take classes on how to smile!

But fear not, because this article breaks down the secrets behind your favourite idols’ smiles, including the “Won-young smile”, and show you how to achieve them yourself!


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  1. Mastering The Kpop Smile

Mastering The Kpop Smile

Won-young Smile

According to a Tiktok video by @l_yuhann, Won-young creates her smile by moving her chin and the area below her lips, instead of using the muscles in her cheeks and eyes.

This can be a good tip for people with rounder faces, as it can make round faces appear slimmer.

However, @l_yuhann points out that this smile might look a bit forced because the rest of the face would not move much.

Jennie Smile

Blackpink’s Jennie has a smile that melts hearts!

@l_yuhann breaks down the secret behind it! Jennie creates her adorable smile by using her cheek muscles to pull the corners of her lips outwards.

This technique is especially flattering for those with wider mouths. So why not try it out and see if it brightens your smile too?

Rosé Smile

Also known as the “vertical smile”, it uses the muscles of the cheeks to pull the lips upwards into the eyes.

It complements longer and thinner faces as this smile shortens the mid face!

While K-Pop smiles are undeniably captivating, remember that the best smile is the one that feels most authentic to you. Explore different techniques and find what flatters your own facial features and personality.

After all, a genuine smile is always the most beautiful!