Looking for a fresh and fashionable change? Want to embrace the new year with a daring and stylish appearance that showcases a new side of your personality? The kitty cut might just be the style to try out.

You may have heard of the other animal-inspired hair cuts: wolf cut, butterfly cut, and jellyfish cut, for instance, have dominated the trends in the last few years. The newly popular kitty cut stands out as the ultimate hairstyle of the year. It offers a departure from the excessively shaggy and heavily layered styles that dominated the last three years.

But what exactly is the kitty cut, and how can you rock it? Read on to find out more!

What Is the Kitty Cut?


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The kitty cut is a more sophisticated version of animal-inspired hairstyles like the wolf cut and cub cut. This refined hairstyle features subtle layers that gracefully cascade between your shoulders and collarbone, and it’s also known as the hush cut in Korea.

The allure of the kitty cut comes from the flawless blend of flowing layers and a seductive short length, creating a sophisticated yet enchanting and cat-like look.

How to Wear the Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @whowhatwear/Instagram

The perfect kitty cut is focused on nailing the layers.

The longest layer is just slightly shorter than the overall length in order to create a stunning look. These layers are designed to gradually increase in length at the back and around your face, giving you an elegant appearance without going into shaggy territory.

If you want to add a framing effect to your face, you can also choose to have sweeping layers around your face, like cheekbone-length curtain bangs and jaw-length pieces.

This haircut works well with straight, wavy, and curly hair. If you have curls, a curl-by-curl cut will enhance the precise and tailored look of your hair.

When it comes to styling, you have plenty of options. You can let your hair air-dry for a voluminous look or half-wave it for a more versatile style. There are so many ways to rock the kitty cut and make it your own!

7 Stylish Ways to Wear the Kitty Cut

The Playful Short Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @_yujin_an/Instagram

IVE’s Ahn Yu-Jin effortlessly rocks the Kitty Cut, featuring a cute see-through fringe and a short, lively haircut. With a touch of playfulness and elegance, her hairstyle exudes a joyful vibe, making it a perfect choice for the spring season.

The Loose-Wave Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @imwinter/Instagram

Winter from Aespa effortlessly showcases a relaxed and charming look with the Loose-Wave Kitty Cut. The soft waves that frame her face, along with a touch of golden-brown color, give her a chic and laid-back appearance. This hairstyle truly emanates a fashionable vibe!

The C-Curl Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @_chaechae_1/Instagram

For a chic and cute look, consider trying Le Sserafim’s Chae-Won’s C-Curl Kitty Cut. Featuring outward curls at the ends and a voluminous mid-section, it exudes a casual and relaxed feel. The addition of an ash brown hue enhances vitality, offering a stylish yet understated vibe.

The Side-Flipped Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @noa_teomi/Instagram

If you have asymmetrical features, the side-flipped kitty cut is perfect for you! It’s a simple solution that helps create symmetry. By parting your hair and adding more volume to the higher side of your face, this technique brings your features down and gives you a more balanced and symmetrical look.

The Face-Framing Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @nanaquality/Instagram

If you’re feeling unsure about your square jawline, the face-framing kitty cut is a great solution. A talented hairdresser can expertly trim the hair around your face to gently hide the sides of your cheeks and jawline, giving you a softer look and achieving the desired v-line face shape.

The Soft-Wave Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @miloszhairstylist/Instagram

Achieve a relaxed summer style with the soft-wave kitty cut, perfect for those breezy beach days. Simply use a curling iron with a barrel size of over 35mm to create voluminous and effortlessly chic curls.

The Curly Kitty Cut

Kitty Cut 2024 hair trend

Credits: @lacyredway/Instagram

Good news for those with curly hair! The kitty cut will also look great on you. It adds a fun and playful touch to your everyday look. Not only does it enhance your curls, but it can also save you time in managing your hair!

Feature image credits: @nanaquality/Instagram, @_chaechae_1/Instagram, @_yujin_an/Instagram