Often recognised as the quintessential “It” girl in the realm of K-pop, BLACKPINK’s Jennie commands the adoration of millions across the globe thanks to her artistic talents and impeccable style.

Credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram

Despite her engagements with prestigious labels like Chanel and Calvin Klein, the YG Princess is often praised for her ability to effortlessly pull off understated, girl-next-door looks, a contrast to her appearances during shoots and stage performances.

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

Want to know the secrets to her “no make-up make-up” glam? We’ve got just the tutorial for you!

How to create Jennie’s natural eye look

Step 1: Get a neutral eyeshadow palette

To accentuate your eyes and give it a captivating yet soft look, you’ll want to get a neutral-toned palette with different shades of beiges and browns.

The one used in this tutorial is Dasique’s Shadow Palette in “11: Chocolate Fudge.” Alternatively, Canmake Tokyo’s Perfect Multi Eyes Palette in “Almond Mocha” is a great option as well.

Credit: lin lian hong/Xiao Hong Shu

Step 2: Start with a light brown base

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

After applying your base makeup, use a fluffy eyeshadow brush and pack on a light brown eyeshadow onto your lids, following your eye shape and dragging it down to your lower lash line for a seamless look.

The next step is to deepen your eyelid crease. By using a flat eyeshadow brush, apply a slightly darker brown shade to the part where your eyelid naturally creases.

Step 3: Create the illusion of deep set eyes

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

Even if you don’t have naturally large and almond-shaped eyes like Jennie, you can still accentuate it with eyeshadow! Use a warm cocoa brown colour and apply it in a triangular motion around the outer part of your eyes.

Make sure to blend it out slightly so that there are no harsh lines.

Step 4: Highlight your aegyo-sal

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

Part of Jennie’s youthful charm comes from her dumpling cheeks and noticeable ageyo-sal, which is the roll of skin right beneath your eyes that frame the lower eyelids.

To accentuate or create the look of it, you’ll want to use a small angled brush to gently apply a medium-toned brown shade onto the region below your aegyo-sal.

Then, using a flat eyeshadow brush, pick up a light beige shadow and apply it to the area right beneath your lower lash line. Dab on the same shade onto the inner corner of your eyes using your fingertip to give it a bright and awake look!

Step 5: Fill in your brows lightly

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

While many makeup looks emphasise thick, prominent brows, the approach of natural makeup takes a different stance. The goal here is to create soft, barely-there brows that are devoid of obvious arches.

To do this, fill in your brows lightly with a brown pencil, making sure to follow its natural shape. Brush them out once you’re done!

Step 6: Apply brown eyeliner and mascara

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

Then, use a dark brown gel liner and create a small wing at the end. Lengthen your lashes by finishing off with two or three coats of brown mascara, and you’re done!

Credit: @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu

Featured image credit: @jennierubyjane/Instagram and @Six-And-Twenty/Xiao Hong Shu