When we take a look at this K-drama beauty, we really can’t believe that she’s in her 40s. A-list K-drama actress, Jang Na-Ra may have just turned 41, but the star still looks like she’s in her 20s.

The Sell Your Haunted House star is known in the K-drama world for her small face, big doe eyes, and eternally youthful look.

Wanna know how she stays so youthful-looking? Read on to find out all her beauty secrets, which include her special 10-minute massage technique she swears by.

Hot and cold masking

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

We’re used to hearing about the endless number of celebrities who swear by sheet masks but this actress has a small trick to tap into their full potential.

She uses a warm compress over her face for a few minutes before applying the sheet mask of her choice. The warmth from the compress will help open up the pores, allowing them to absorb the essence better.

You can use a warm towel and drape it over your face for a few seconds before proceeding with your sheet mask.

The actress even takes it a step further by dabbing on a layer of cold toner to soothe and cool the skin down. This step helps to close up the pores to reduce their appearance.

Exfoliate the skin

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

With such a busy schedule, signs of ageing are bound to appear pretty fast, but the actress manages to stave them off. She believes that exfoliating the skin is important to remove the appearance of dead skin cells.

A buildup of dead skin cells can cause dull skin, and can even lead to pigmentation. By exfoliating once a week, this star manages to maintain her youthful and clear complexion.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to ease your skin into the exfoliation step. Exfoliators can be harsh on some skin types so we recommend trying it out once a week just like this celebrity before bumping it up to twice or thrice a week according to your preference.

Bare-faced queen

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

When it comes to maintaining clear skin and a youthful glow, sporting a natural look is key for her. Since this actress is always in a full face of makeup for work, she enjoys her downtime so she can go bare-faced.

Depending on the formulas and how much product you use, makeup may increase the skin’s oil production. Plus, without proper cleansing, it can clog pores and trigger breakouts.

By going makeup-free from time to time, she is giving her skin ample opportunity to breathe.

Use cleansing tissue after a long day

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

Whether you wore makeup or not, it’s always important to cleanse your face after your daily activities. Na-ra believes strongly in this and she advocates using the Ginkgo Natural Cleansing Tissue from Charmzone (US$20 ~RM91.38) as a way to wrap your day up.

These wipes have a patent Super Green 9 complex that boasts ingredients to increase hydration while boosting vitality and nutrients in the skin.

Working out regularly

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

Whenever we talk about exercise, strenuous workouts that involve running, pull-ups, and various aerobic routines might come to mind.

However, the actress prefers to do aerial yoga. This activity doesn’t require great stamina and will not make you sweat buckets.

Instead, it’s simply a full-body exercise that combines strength and flexibility to keep Na-ra’s mind and body healthy.

In addition, she often takes wallks with adorable pet dog. Despite her busy schedule, she makes sure to stay active and get fresh air regularly to maintain her health and good figure!

Eyebrow serum for fuller brows

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

The star doesn’t seem to need to fill in her brows to get a fuller and more defined look. This is because she uses a serum to promote her brow growth.

Tinted lip balm for natural lips

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

Once again, the star doesn’t go for super-pigmented lippies during her breaks away from work. Instead, she opts for tinted lip balms for a natural look.

On top of that, this celebrity knows that as we age, our lips tend to get thinner because of a decline in collagen. By using a tinted lip balm, she gives her lips a supple appearance all while giving them a natural tinge of pigmentation.

A lip balm she is a fan of would be the JUNGSAEMMOOL Lip-Pression Water Tinted Lip Balm (US$31 ~RM141.64)

10-minute massage

Photo source: @KBS World TV/Youtube

The actress says that this massage is her big secret to plump, juicy skin. The best part is that you don’t need any additional tools to carry this routine out.

Do this massage during your cleansing routine to stimulate circulation and reduce face puffiness all at once.

Start off by applying some cleansing oil on your palms and warm it up before slathering it on your skin.

Photo source: @KBS World TV/Youtube

Next, place your knuckles on your chin before pulling them upwards along the jawline and all the way to the ears.

Photo source: @KBS World TV/Youtube

Following that, bring your knuckles to your cheeks and sweep them toward your ears in an outwards motion.

Photo source: @KBS World TV/Youtube

Place your index finger knuckles on the inner corners of your eyes and glide them out towards your temples. Using your index fingers, apply pressure on your nose bridge to reduce puffiness and the formation of dark circles.

Be consistent and you’ll be able to feel and see the effects in no time.

Maintaining a balanced diet

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

Na-ra takes care of her well-being by fueling her body with nutritious foods like leafy greens, healthy fats, fresh fruits, and lean proteins. She also limits her intake of starch and fried food.

If you want to see her culinary skills, head over to her Instagram, where she shares her nutritious homemade meals. Among her top picks are tomatoes, lotus root, and carrots, which are some of her favourites.

To boost her nutrient intake, she regularly consumes white fungus and red date soup.

And to stay hydrated and maintain a radiant complexion, she makes sure to drink more than two liters of water every day!

Eye cream to keep wrinkles away

Photo source: @nara0318/Instagram

As we age, our dark eye circles, veins, and capillaries tend to become more noticeable.

To tackle this issue, Na-ra makes it a habit to regularly apply nourishing eye cream, carefully spreading it across her undereye area.

To enhance the effectiveness of the eye cream, she completes her routine by giving her undereyes a gentle massage for better absorption.