Sometimes keeping it simple is all you need for glowing skin and a healthy body like former Singaporean actress Jacelyn Tay.

Even though Jacelyn has turned 47 in 2022, she is still looking youthful as ever.

Crowned the female champion of Singapore’s Star Search talent competition in 1995, Jacelyn is famous for her past works in the Singapore drama industry like Love Me Love Me Not, Love Is Beautiful, and Crescendo.

In 2006, she retired from acting and founded Body Inc. Holistic Wellness Centre, where she is now a Holistic Wellness Heath Coach.

Want to know how she achieves her glowing skin and fit body? Here are some tips right from Jacelyn’s mouth.

Load up on fruits and vegetables

We hear this often from experts and dieticians; it is no secret that a healthy diet is synonymous with healthy skin and Jacelyn lives by this.

She encourages her followers to have as much fruits and vegetables as possible.

This celebrity doesn’t believe in the stigma that sugars found in fruits will add to weight gain, instead she says that natural sugars are needed for a well-balanced and healthy body.

Fruits and vegetables she enjoys include eggplants, oranges, strawberries, and avocado.

Detoxify your gut

Flawless skin is not Jacelyn’s only strength. The 47-year-old is also known for her fit body.

Jacelyn strongly believes that the key to weight loss is a healthy gut and she often takes to Instagram to talk about the benefits of Meridian treatment and detoxification of the gut.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a Meridian is a channel that “energy” flows through. Meridian treatment includes different massaging techniques that unclogs blockages along the Meridian system.

TCM concepts state that our body is equipped to regularly clear toxins out of its system. If there are too much toxins in the body that can’t be flushed out, they will be stored as fatty tissue.

To solve this, she recommends detoxifying as the first step to weight loss.

Minimal skincare and makeup

The former actress only has three items in her personal skincare stash. They are:

  1. 100% natural oil makeup remover
  2. Sothys Vitality Cleansing Milk Wash
  3. Body cream that unclogs the Meridian along the face

She believes that practising healthy-living and eating will boost natural antioxidants for flawless skin.

The Sothys Vitality Cleansing Milk Wash, in particular, is very gentle on the skin. If you feel that your skin is tight after a wash, this might be a good solution to try. It has grapefruit extract mixed with essential milk and can remove impurities in your face without any harsh reactions to the skin.

Sothys Vitality Cleansing Milk retails for RM218.88 and is available at Sothys.

Staying hydrated

There is a school of thought that says that cutting down water intake and drinking isotonic drinks instead can help with weight loss.

Jacelyn does not believe in this concept. The wellness coach believes that losing weight by skimping on water does nothing significant for weight loss.

She says that diets and programmes like this only make someone lose water mass instead of actual fat.

The former actress also mentions that a healthy body requires proper blood circulation. For this to happen, women should have about 55% to 56% water mass and men 60% to 61%.

She urges everyone be patient when it comes to weight loss and emphasises on the importance of balance.

Balance is key

The main message surrounding all of Jacelyn’s skincare and wellness tips would be “balance”.

For instance, she does not believe in eating fewer than three meals a day nor does she believe in only eating raw vegetables for weight loss.

This is because she believes that once the body is detoxified, weight loss will come naturally.

The wellness coach mentions that eating less can lead to health issues such as hair loss, malnourishment, dry skin, and hormonal imbalance.

Ball massage

If you often suffer from bloating issues or aching muscles, Jacelyn has a solution for you.

She recommends taking a rubber ball with spikes and rolling it along your shoulder blades.

The former actress does this to unblock Meridian acupuncture points that are located below the shoulder blades.

Furthermore, she recommends massaging the deep rhomboid muscles beneath the scapular and the levator scapulae muscle as these are the common areas that ache.

All Photo source: @jacelyn_tay on Instagram