A makeup artist’s job is important; you usually hire them for the most important days of your life – whether it’s a big event, a wedding, or maybe that time you’ll be appearing on national TV.

But while they can often see how satisfied a client is by the amazed look on their face or their big smiles after the service, many of them don’t get a direct compliment especially in Malaysia, simply because Asians aren’t the most forthcoming when it comes to praises.

Make your makeup artist day by complimenting him or her sincerely. This wouldn’t just make your makeup artist happy, but will also help him/her know which part of the service was good and worthy of retaining.

If you’re wondering how to compliment a makeup artist, here are four sincere ways to show your appreciation.

For their skills and professionalism

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Some clients prefer a specific look, and most of the time, their satisfaction depends on whether the makeup artist did exactly what they want. If your makeup artist did a good job, remember to commend them.

There are also times when makeup artists get picky clients. People who are always changing their minds, impatient, etc. Do you know makeup artists who remain professional even if they rein in stress from these clients? Make sure to include this in your compliment.

What you can say:

  • I would never have been able to create such a beautiful natural makeup look without your help, thank you for the professional and well-delivered work.
  • Thanks for being so patient with me despite my demands. You have truly exhibited professionalism in your service.
  • You took the time to blend the eyeshadow so well that I’ve never seen a more perfect smokey eye on me.

For being on time and working effectively under pressure

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Every event has different timelines. And when these timelines aren’t met, problems arise and people involved tend to panic. Makeup artists who are able to handle the pressure without fuss and do their work on time should be rewarded!

What you can say:

  • Thanks for being on time even though it’s really early.
  • I’m so grateful you’re able to complete the makeup within such a short time – most importantly, I look really good too!
  • You’re so calm even under the pressures of time – this shows how professional and skilled you are.

For the quality items in their makeup kit

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High-quality makeup artists always make sure that they only use the best products in their arsenal. And this doesn’t mean that only high-end products count! There are many high-quality drugstore makeup products on the market, and it really shows how knowledgeable in the beauty industry makeup artists are if they know this!

What you can say:

  • I can see you used only the best products on me – thank you!
  • Your makeup kit is very well stocked and there’s a product for every need; I’m grateful for that!
  • This has to be one of the most well-equipped makeup kits I’ve seen!

For their ability to make you look your very best

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This is the best compliment any makeup artist can ever receive. Doing makeup requires excellent skill, and if you have a makeup artist who can do that and more, let them know! Going out of your way to say these kind words will surely lift the spirit of any makeup artist, making them inspired to continue their passion.

What you can say:

  • Thank you for helping me look the best version of myself!
  • I look good! Thanks for making this happen!
  • I’m going to take so many photos, thanks to the beautiful work you’ve delivered.

How to compliment a makeup artist: Verbal? Virtual?

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Both verbal and virtual compliments are great. Verbal compliments give them that warm, fuzzy feeling and also a personal touch that you can’t replicate anywhere. Virtual ones, on the other hand, allows them to easily share on their social media platforms as positive testimonials, and at the same time lets them look at it again when they’d like to.

This is why we’ll recommend doing both. Give a short and sweet verbal compliment to your makeup artist on the spot if you feel that the job was well done and then follow up with a more thorough testimonial after the session.

Positive testimonials in social media pages can definitely help build any up-and-coming makeup artist’s profile in Malaysia, so make sure you give a shout-out whenever you can!