We’ve all seen celebrities who seem to have discovered the fountain of youth, looking remarkably younger than their actual age.

Hong Kong celebrities are no exception to this phenomenon and their ability to defy the laws of ageing has left many in awe and wonder, with some even appearing “frozen in time”.

A Facebook video has recently gone viral, showing these Hong Kong celebrities talking to ordinary folks, all while looking remarkably younger despite actually being older than the people they meet.

Naturally, this prompted us to delve deeper to uncover their beauty secrets, and surprisingly, their tips are more wholesome and cost-effective than we expected! Keep reading to learn more.

Ray Lui

Ray Lui age defying secrets (1)

Credits: @我喜欢吃海苔/Weibo

In a heartwarming encounter, Ray Lui met an elderly resident in a nursing home whom he respectfully addressed as “uncle”, which seemed like a reasonable assumption to make, given Ray’s youthful appearance compared to the man.

The video revealed that the encounter took place two years ago in 2021 when Ray was 64 years old. However, when they exchanged a handshake, it turned out that the elderly “uncle” was actually 62 years old, making him two years younger than Ray.

This juxtaposition left many netizens, including us, amazed, with many commenting on how Ray seemed more like the uncle’s younger brother.

The secrets behind his age-defying appearance

Ray Lui age defying secrets 2

Credits: @rayluileungwai/Instagram, @EastweekHk/YouTube

While this may seem like a work of magic, Ray Lui himself has actually shared some of his secrets to maintaining his youthful look.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet, he incorporates regular exercise into his routine, and to prevent potbelly, he recommends wall-sitting (shown in the image above, on the right), which is a simple yet effective exercise that involves holding a seated position against a wall, targeting the glutes, quads, and hamstrings.

It’s certainly refreshing to see a celebrity recommending a workout that requires no expensive equipment, and all you need is a vertical wall!

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Angie Chiu

Angie Chiu age defying secrets

Credits: @Oms天然美學/Facebook

With her glowing skin and fashionable appearance, Hong Kong star Angie Chiu looks like a young actress at the height of her career, and it seems like the former Miss Hong Kong runner-up has reached a stalling point in the ageing process.

During a heartwarming visit to an old folk’s home, Angie met an elderly lady and embarked on a walk together. Little did she know that the lady was actually three years her junior, which came as a surprise to both Angie and the onlookers.

How she maintains her youthful appearance

Angie Chiu age defying secrets

Credits: @angiechiu_zhaoyazhi/Instagram

Angie Chiu has shared her beauty tips in various interviews, and it’s apparent that her radiant appearance is a result of consistent lifestyle choices, such as prioritising eight to ten hours of sleep each night.

When it comes to her diet, Angie begins her day with a refreshing glass of juice and ends it with a nourishing bowl of soup, often opting for bone or meat-based broths rich in collagen, which helps to maintain clear and youthful skin by promoting gut health.

She also enjoys Chinese tea for its polyphenols, which have powerful anti-inflammatory properties and an abundance of antioxidants to combat free radicals, which can cause the skin to age faster.

That’s not all, because Angie also firmly emphasises the importance of starting an anti-ageing beauty regimen early on and practises a weekly exfoliation ritual employing olive oil and coarse salt. This natural body scrub not only softens the skin but also restores hydration as it’s enriched with vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Lastly, she stresses the importance of exercising, with yoga being one of her favourite forms. The slow movements and deep breathing in yoga increase blood flow and warm up muscles, while holding poses build strength and oxygenates the skin, giving Angie that rosy, healthy glow that we’re all envious of!

Jordan Chan

Jordan Chan age defying secrets 2

Credits: @娱乐圈/DouYing

In a memorable incident, Jordan Chan found himself sharing a meal with the grandmother of a young companion he had befriended on a show. As conversation flowed, Jordan casually inquired about the grandma’s birth year. To his astonishment, they shared the same birth year, 1967.

Digging deeper, he asked about the month, and when the grandma revealed her birth month to be September, Jordan, born in June, humorously admitted, “I was born in the same year as your grandma, and I’m even older than her!”

What are his anti-ageing secrets

Jordan Chan age defying secrets 2

Credits: @yingcaier/Instagram

While Jordan has not publicly shared specific beauty tips that contribute to his ageless appearance, glimpses into his life offer some insights into his youthful looks.

Jordan often speaks affectionately about his blissful family life with his wife and children, suggesting that the love and happiness he finds within his family might be a significant factor in maintaining his youthful demeanour.

A supportive and loving relationship, such as the one Jordan shares with his wife, Cherrie Ying, contributes to a harmonious and happy life, which can lead to a more youthful appearance.

The endearing bond between the couple has even been celebrated by Chinese netizens, who affectionately refer to it as a kind of love known as “Jordan Chan and Cherrie Ying”.