Ever wondered why some makeup looks don’t quite hit the mark on you compared to others? It’s all about something called “visual weight”, which affects how makeup and clothes appear on you!

Knowing your visual weight is key for choosing makeup and clothing that enhance your features.

To help you figure out your visual weight, we’re breaking down a TikTok video by @princessraquelle. Keep reading for beauty and styling tips too, so you can  shake up your makeup routine and shopping habits!

What is Visual Weight?

Visual weight measures how your features attract attention.

Whether you have a high or low visual weight is determined by three factors:

  1. The prominence of your bone structure,
  2. The prominence of your facial features,
  3. The volume of your features

How to Determine Your Visual Weight?

Here’s a quick picture test to find your visual weight:

Step 1: Take a photo of yourself in natural lighting.


Step 2: In edit mode, apply a black-and-white filter.


Step 3: Adjust contrast to negative 100 and take a screenshot.


Step 4: Repeat with contrast set to 100.


Compare the photos.

  1. Do your facial features look clearer at negative 100? You may have a lower visual weight
  2. Do your facial features look clearer at 100 per cent contrast? You likely have higher visual weight.


High vs. Low Visual Weight

People with high visual weight, like Lisa and Angelina Jolie, exudes strength and charisma with big features and a smaller face.


On the flip side, people with low visual weight, such as IU and Yeji, gives off a calmer, refreshing vibe, often with smaller features and a larger face.


Now that you know whether you have high or low visual weight, it’s time to learn how to apply makeup and choose clothes that enhance your features!

Makeup and Styling Tips for High Visual Weight


Photo credit: @lalalalisa_m/Instagram.

Lisa from Blackpink exudes a strong visual presence. If you have a similar vibe, here are some tips to enhance your look!

Dark hair works well, and stick to natural hairstyles like straight, wavy, or curly.


For makeup, try a deep red lip and emphasise your brows with a natural, fluffy look.


When it comes to clothing, go for suits and darker colours for that powerful “girl boss” vibe. The “office girl” style will emphasise your high visual weight even more!


Makeup and Styling Tips for Low Visual Weight


Photo credit: @for_everyoung10/Instagram.

Celebrities like IVE’s Wonyoung and IU rock a subtle, elegant vibe with their low visual weight.

To nail the look, go for a minimalist or preppy wardrobe for that natural, delicate charm.


When it comes to makeup, keep it light and simple.


Opt for muted and lighter shades to enhance your features, creating a sophisticated appearance.


The real fun comes with your hair! With low visual weight, you have the freedom to experiment. Since your facial features are subtle, let your hair shine with unique styles.

visual-weight low hair

Now that you know your visual weight, adjust your makeup and clothing choices for a look that suits you best. Time for a little makeover!

Featured image credit: @princessraquelle/TikTok.