Perms are popular because they instantly add volume to our hair and give us styled look without having to use a curling iron.

While you can find a good perm style that fits your face shape and facial structures, it’s essential to note that perms may not suit all hair types. If you’re curious to find out if a perm complements your current hairstyle or hair type, read on!

Soft or Naturally Curly Hair

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If you have naturally soft and curly hair, you’ve got to rethink your decision about getting perms, especially if they’re C-Perm or S-Perm.

For those with soft locks, it is best to go for smaller curls during perming. This is because if the curls are too big, they might not stick around for long and could straighten out sooner than you’d like.

Now, if you’re blessed with natural curls, be ready for some extra care post-perm. Opt for larger curls during perming, and you can even straighten the top layer for a smoother, frizz-free look.

You Have Thick and Voluminous Hair

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Perms can create the illusion of fuller, more voluminous hair, and it’s important to consider your natural hair thickness before taking the plunge.

For individuals with fine or sparse locks, a perm works wonders by magically turning thin strands into a lush and abundant mane. However, if you’re blessed with naturally thicker hair, it’s advisable to steer clear of smaller curl perms. Instead, consider opting for larger curls, especially towards the bottom of your hair. This choice not only avoids the risk of overwhelming volume but also ensures a harmonious balance throughout your tresses.

Smaller perms on thicker hair might lead to an excess of volume, potentially resulting in a less desirable outcome.

Hair length and Layers Play a Crucial Role in Achieving The Perfect Perm

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When aiming for those charming small, intricate curls, incorporating layers into your haircut is a wise choice. This technique allows the curls to gracefully fall down, creating a three-dimensional and less clustered appearance.

It helps avoid the risk of curls clumping together, avoiding that messy and chaotic appearance. Plus, do not go overboard with the layering, as excessive layerings can make the curls appear  thin and sparse.

When it comes to length, keeping it above the chest is crucial to prevent a weighed-down sensation, especially if you want to embrace delicate and fine curls. The layers bring a hint of elegance and stop the curls from overwhelming your overall look.

Your Hair Lacks Elasticity

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Achieving gorgeous permed hair is more than just choosing the right stylist and a perm style – your hair’s elasticity plays a crucial role.

Hair that lacks elasticity is fragile and prone to breakage, resulting in curls that lack dimension and shine. To ensure your perm looks as you’ve envisioned, focus on intense hair care at least one to two months before the treatment.

Strengthening your hair’s elasticity makes a real difference. Without it, perms may fall short, leading to frizz and a lacklustre appearance. Hence, why yo should prioritise your hair’s health for resilient, vibrant curls that live up to your styling dreams.

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