Hair accessories lend the perfect final touch to any outfit. They can help elevate our overall look and are must-haves on our vanity. Plus, they’re a staple for some of our favourite celebrities too.

If you’ve tried to recreate certain looks with little to no success, however, don’t give up just yet. You may have been using your hair accessories incorrectly!

Ahead, Daily Vanity has gathered a list of tips to show you how to use your different hair accessories the right way.

Bobby pins

Tip 1: Don’t pin your hair back at the start of your hairline

A common mistake made when it comes to bobby pins is that we all tend to insert them in right from the start of our hairline. This method can make your face look bigger and your hair look flatter.

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Here’s what you should do instead: simply slot the bobby pin in lightly on the surface of your hair without touching your hairline or scalp and voilà! It adds a pop of colour to your hairstyle without straining your hairline.

You can even create a criss-cross pattern with two bobby pins if you like. It’s perfect for those who prefer something subtle.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Tip 2: Use it as a U-shaped pin

Want to secure a bun with bobby pins but it always seems to unravel in seconds?

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Instead of pinning your hair down to secure it, use it as a U-shaped pin instead. Open up the ends of the bobby pin and slot it downwards instead of sideways to secure your bun right at the roots, making sure it doesn’t come undone.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Tip 3: Try the weaving method

Pulling your hair back and securing it with a bobby pin can make your hair appear very flat, which is a waste if you’re using a gorgeous bobby pin with a unique pearl design.

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Instead, weave the clip into your hair in small sections. This way, the pin would be more secure and stay on for a longer period of time.

P.S. Tilting the clip upwards as you go along helps to add some dimension to your hair!

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Claw clips

Tip 4: Twist and tuck

An old-fashioned hair accessory that has recently made a comeback, claw clips are definitely here to stay.

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If you’ve always struggled to contain all your hair within your claw clip, we may have found the perfect solution. First, gather all your hair into a ponytail before twisting it in a circle and tucking it in the centre of your head.

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Next, all you need to do is grab your claw clip and secure the twist. To make sure it’s extra tight, tuck the claw clip in from the sides to ensure the hair twist is laying against your scalp and not left hanging. What’s great about this versatile method is that it works with any hair type and thickness!

This step can get a little tricky and does require some practice, check out the full video tutorial here.

Alligator clips

Tip 5: Flip your clip around

Another popular hair accessory on the list, alligator clips are extremely on trend and are usually adorned with pearls and cute character designs.

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Alligator clips often come with a huge bump on one end, which can make the accessory look very unflattering when clipped on directly from the front. You won’t be able to flaunt its gorgeous design too.

To prevent this, flip the clip around and insert it from the opposite end! This allows you to show off the clip design better as well.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Hinged barrettes

Tip 6: Wear your barrette high

An accessory that never gets old, bows are back on trend and can help elevate your look easily if you clip it on the right way.

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We often clip it on the back of our heads, which causes the barrette to slide down. Plus, you can barely see its pretty design from the front.

Instead, clip it right on top of your head. Not only does this help create volume, but it also gives an effect of a smaller face. To ensure that it’s nice and secure, use an elastic band to tie a mini ponytail on the top of your head before sliding on the barrette.

Watch the full video tutorial here.


Tip 7: Don’t push all of your hair back with a headband

Headbands are often used to get hair out of the way, but if you want a more stylish option, here’s how you should use it.

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First, place the headband in the middle of your head without pinning your fringe back.

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Then, grab pieces of hair from both the front and back of the headband and tie them up with an elastic hair tie. Next, loop the ponytail inside out and tuck it behind your ears. This step also helps to secure your headband and prevent it from moving throughout the day.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Embellished hair clips

Tip 8: Braid a small section of hair for your clip to rest on

Embellished hair clips usually have a backing that’s just as thin as bobby pins and they have the weight of French barrettes. Hence, they tend to slide down your hair as the day goes by.

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To make sure this dainty hair accessory stays on the whole day, simply take the section of hair you want the clip to sit on and braid it. Then, snap the clip into place, and you’re good to go!

Watch the full video tutorial here.

Hair clasps

Tip 9: Place your hair clasp on a ponytail

Evoking a sense of nostalgia, hair clasps snap into place easily, making styling a breeze. With the vast variety of designs available, there’s now more to experiment with than the simple black ones we used to wear in school.

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However, hair clasps that are much larger can make your face appear wider, and it can start to feel uncomfortable if you pin a chunk of your hair back too tightly as well.

To get rid of this problem, pick out a section of hair and tie it up. Then, snap the clip back on top of the ponytail. This will definitely help to hold your clip in place and put less strain on your scalp.

Watch the full video tutorial here.

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