Glasses can be such a fashion statement as a different set of frames can really change a whole look. However, it also makes it a bit difficult to put on your makeup.

We’ve had a lot of experience applying makeup with glasses, so we’re going to share with you some simple tips to make the process a little easier.

Who knows, perhaps with all these tips combined, you can come up with an eye-catching makeup look that will only look better with your glasses on!

1. Invest in a magnifying mirror

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If you are near-sighted, it might be good to invest in a magnifying mirror to help apply your makeup. Trust us, its much easier than trying to get up close to a normal, large mirror.

Thankfully, we’ve got an article on aesthetic makeup mirrors, and a few of them have magnification properties.

2. Consider where they sit

Before applying your foundation, put on your glasses to see where they sit on your face. Make a mental note of these areas as you’re going to want to keep your foundation away from these areas.

Just dab your foundation lightly around these areas and blend accordingly. This prevents makeup from getting onto your glasses as well as prevent minimal rub off.

3. Put setting powder

Once you’ve applied your foundation, dust a little setting powder all over your face, especially on the areas where your glasses touch your skin.

Not only does the setting powder help to extend the length of wear of your makeup, it also helps to prevent your foundation from rubbing off on your glasses.

4. Groom your eyebrows

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While it is easy to neglect your eyebrows as they might be covered by your glasses, good, sculpted eyebrows help to frame your look.

Gently comb your eyebrows with a spoolie before filling them in with an eyebrow pencil. You can use your glasses as a guide and don’t draw your eyebrows past the end of your frames.

5. Use an under-eye concealer

If you’re one to have dark circles under your eyes, you should invest in a good quality under-eye concealer. This is because reflection can make your dark circles look worse.

Just dab a little concealer under your eyes and slowly blend it out, again, making sure not to have it at areas where your glasses are going to touch.

6. Keep them on for blusher

It might be better to keep your glasses on while you are applying blusher, so that you can accurately tell how you look like with blush on.

Use the rim of your frames as a guide of wear to apply the colour. You can also use a cream blusher if you’re more worried about it rubbing off.

7. Curl your lashes

Make your eyes pop by curling your lashes. It’s even more important if you’re looking to apply mascara, as your lashes might touch the lenses.

Just tilt your head back and catch all your lashes gently with an eyelash curler. Press down for 10 seconds, and there, you’ve got curled lashes.

8. Smudge-proof mascara

After curling your lashes, you’re going to want to use a smudge-proof mascara, especially if you have long lashes and want them to look even longer.

Imagine putting on your mascara only to have your lashes rub off on your lenses and leaving black marks.

9. Volume over length

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Again, length is at a disadvantage here due to the dreaded scenario of lashes touching your lenses. This means mascara and false eyelashes included.

Opt for volume-focused product that those that focus on length. This way, you’ll have dreamy eyelashes with none of the fuss!

10. Line your eyes

Add more attention to your eyes with some eyeliner, which is sure to pop through. If your frames are thick, go even thicker with your eyeliner to make your eyes stand out.

If you’ve got access to coloured eyeliner, try your hand at those as well. You could even match the colour of your frames.

11. Consider your frames

When you’re picking your makeup for the day, remember not to clash with the frames of your glasses – or buy an expensive new lipstick colour that doesn’t go well with your only pair of frames.

If you’ve got the budget, perhaps splurge on some extra pair of glasses so that you can mix and match your look. It’ll also serve for great backups in case your main pair gets damaged.

12. Go big or go home

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Eye makeup doesn’t show up very well behind frames, so go big or go home! You can go a lot bolder if you’ve got thick frames.

Do experiment with your makeup and see how far you can push things. Alternatively, you can go for subtler eye colours and a bold lip instead.

13. Disinfect your glasses

Your glasses can tend to get dirty over time, so remember to disinfect and clean accordingly from time to time. Otherwise, the bacteria built up on your glasses can cause your face to break out.

Just run your glasses under lukewarm water and rub the lenses and nosepads using some dish soap. Rinse the eyeglasses and dry gently with a clean microfiber cloth.

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