Whether it’s a simple eyelid tape or an invasive double eyelid surgery, people go through means and ways to create that fold on their eyelids, which is perceived as a desirable trait amongst Asians – including Malaysians.

We know eyelid tapes can be troublesome (and don’t look natural up-close!) and many of us are afraid of going under the knife, which is why we were elated when we discovered a post on RED (aka Xiaohongshu, China’s equivalent of Instagram) by a user who shared a makeup trick that can give monolids (or sometimes known as “single eyelids”) the look of double eyelids.

This makeup hack is said to give a natural look while making your eyes look twice as big.

double eyelid makeup hack jennie

The post has since received more than 47,000 likes and 270 comments on the social media platform and is said to be a trick that even the makeup artists of BLACKPINK‘s Jennie use.

The Daily Vanity team decided we had to give this hack a shot to find out whether it really works and if it’s easy to pull off.

Let’s go through the makeup hack step by step, as shared on RED, and our experiment with it.

Step-by-step guide to creating fake double eyelids with makeup

Step 1: Prime and brighten the eyelid

Arm yourself with a brownish-red eyeshadow palette for the best result. We like the Play Colour Eyes Maple Road Palette by ETUDE (RM65).

double eyelid makeup hack review 1

Photo source: Daily Vanity

Pick up a peach-tone shade with an eyeshadow brush and apply it all over your upper eyelid just below your brow bone, as well as under your eye.

double eyelid makeup hack review 2

Photo source: Daily Vanity

Next, pick up a bronze shade. Blend and smudge it across your upper eyelid and approximately half of your lower lash line, beginning from the middle of your pupil to the outer corner of your eyes.

Then, pick up a champagne shade. Dust it on the inner corner of your eye and the inner half of your lower lash line. This helps to brighten your eyes.

Step 2: Deepen eyeshadow colours and mark the position of fake double eyelid crease

The steps in this section help intensify your eye makeup and then building it up to creating the fake double eyelid crease.

double eyelid makeup hack review 3

Photo source: Daily Vanity

Pick up a light coffee shade to intensify the undereye area. Next, apply the same colour subtly above your upper lash line. This will help mark where you can draw your double eyelid crease later; but go with lighter hand so you can get a more natural look!

Then, go in with a golden brown hue on the spot where you have marked the fold, blending it in to make the look more natural.

Step 3: Lining the upper and lower lash lines

Time to turn your eyes upward for a lifted look.

double eyelid makeup hack review 4

Photo source: Daily Vanity

Pick up a light brown eyeliner (we used a dark brown one). Draw your eye-line as close to the lash line as possible, before extending the tail to a gentle cat-eye at its end.

Use the same eyeliner to line your lower lash line, starting from the centre of your pupil to the outer corner of your eye. This helps make your eyes look wider and more rounded.

Step 4: Create the fake double eyelid crease.

And now, the most important step of the makeup tutorial – creating the crease!

Use a brown liquid eyeliner (such as the

To achieve the fake double eyelid look, use a brown liquid eyeliner, such as the Clio Waterproof Pen Liner in Kill Brown (RM32, discounted at the time of writing) at where you’ve marked earlier, drawing light strokes on the fold.

double eyelid makeup hack review 5

Photo source: Daily Vanity

Finish the look by using the same eyeliner to fill in the inner corner of your eye. This helps create a more energetic look.

Faking double eyelids with makeup: DV’s verdict

We were stoked to try out this fake double eyelid hack at first, but the excitement turned into exhaustion, mostly because of the need to moderate our strength during eyeshadow and eyeliner application. Gentle strokes and light finishes are certainly a very important part of creating this look.

We also learnt, during our trial, that how intense your eyeliner is and the shape of its tip can make or break the look. We were unable to use the same eyeliner that the RED user used in Step 4, and we found that it was difficult recreating the look using our regular eyeliner.

We only managed to create a more natural-looking crease by blending in more dark brown eyeshadow.

Another tip we picked up during our trial:you’d have to draw thicker lines on your upper and lower lash lines if you want the cat-eye to show up more obviously on a monolid.

Our verdict? This makeup hack is still worth trying if you want to sport natural-looking double eyelids without going under the knife.

However, we suspect that makeup newbies are going to struggle with creating the look and even if you’re a seasoned makeup user, chances are you’ll need to spend quite a bit of time to painstakingly vary the intensities of your eyeshadows and liners to get it right. In other words, you’ll need lots of time – and patience. The right tools are going to help a lot too