We love how eyeshadow can amp up our eyes but it can be a struggle trying to keep it from creasing, especially in our hot and humid weather.

The solution is out there: “eyeshadow sandwich”. This is a trending makeup method that beauty enthusiasts are following in order to keep their eye makeup on all day.

Photo source: @Fevfay/XiaoHongShu

Just like how you make a good sandwich, eyeshadow sandwiching is all about layering. Instead of piling on your eyeshadow all at once, the eyeshadow sandwiching method will have you applying it layer by layer to allow it to set and adjust to your eyelid.

Photo source: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu

Curious to know how’s the eyeshadow sandwich method done? Here’s a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Apply a layer of powder on your eyelids

Photo source: @露娜不打野/XiaoHongShu

First, dust a layer of setting powder on your eyelids. The powder will help to blot away any excess oil.

Eyeshadow tends to crease when it comes in touch with grease from the eyelid, preventing it from “gripping” on to the skin.

Feel free to use any setting powder you have in your makeup cabinet.

If you’re looking for a good powder, we recommend the Canmake Marshmallow Finish Powder (RM66.75) that feels as soft as a marshmallow on the skin and has fine powders that will effectively remove sebum.

Step 2: Base layer

Photo source: @mini乔安娜/XiaoHongShu

Next, sweep light-coloured eyeshadow onto your upper eyelid as a base so that the other eyeshadows you apply next will look more pigmented.

Spread it evenly from top to bottom and blend away. And if you have double eyelids, make sure you lift the folds of your eyelids in order to spread the product out without creasing.

Step 3: Mix eyeshadow cream with eyeshadow

Photo source: @缓缓babe/XiaoHongShu

Eyeshadow creams have a dewy consistency and won’t dry up as quickly as regular shadows. Mixing the cream with some eyeshadow pigmentations will create a seamless application with no creasing. Plus, they’re more hydrating so that eliminates the chances of the pigmentation cracking or flaking.

Dab a small amount of eyeshadow cream on the back of your hand and slowly spread it out with your finger.

Next, pick some eyeshadow powder up with an eyeshadow brush up and mix it on your hand.

Afterwards, sweep this mixture onto your upper eyelids.

Step 4: Lower eyelid

Photo source: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu

Adding some colour to your lower eyelid is a great way to give your eye look a more complete and balanced look.

Squeeze out some eye primer onto your finger and apply it onto your eyelids by blending it out evenly with a gentle patting motion.

Finally, pick an eyeshadow that’s a darker shade than what you’ve used for the upper eyelid and apply it onto the outer corner of your eyes, covering one third of the lower eyelid.

Reduce the patchiness of the look by smudging the product with a small, dense eyeshadow brush.

Photo source: @露娜不打野/XiaoHongShu

After that, you’re officially done with the eyeshadow sandwich method! Say hello to a long-lasting and crease-free eyeshadow look!

Feature image credit: @Anncy/XiaoHongShu