An eyebrow razor really helps to tame unruly eyebrows. There’s something about a well-sculpted brow that really ties a whole look together.

Even if you don’t apply makeup for the day, sculpted brows can help you look neat and well-kempt. While there are many choices out there like waxing and plucking, an eyebrow razor is by far the simplest solution.

While it sounds difficult and even downright dangerous, we’re here to assure you that it’s actually much easier than it sounds.

You will have all the knowledge to achieve the perfect arched brows of your dreams by the end of this article.

What are eyebrow razors

Eyebrow Razor the Razors

Different from the razors you would use to shave your legs, eyebrow razors are much smaller. You don’t want anything that large going near your brows and eyes.

The most basic is a disposable tool that has a blade at the top with a long, curved handle. Upgraded versions include collapsible stainless-steel blades and electric trimmers.

Are eyebrow razors safe

Compared to other methods like waxing or tweezing, shaving your eyebrows is pain-free.

You need to be careful to not scrape or cut yourself as the skin around your eyes is quite thin and delicate.

However, you shouldn’t have an issue as this is a safe tool to use as long as you use the eyebrow razor the right way.

How to use an eyebrow razor

Eyebrow Razor Step-By-Step

There’s no need to be nervous when shaving your eyebrows. Take a deep breath and ready yourself before attempting.

By following our step-by-step tutorial, you should be one step closer to becoming an eyebrow razor expert.

Step 1: Cleanse your skin

Clean your skin before shaving your brows so that you can minimise the spread of bacteria. Otherwise, it can cause pesky pimples to pop up.

Step 2: Brush your brows

Brush your eyebrows upward and outward with a spoolie. You can have a better idea what you are working with when everything is neatly brushed.

Step 3: Determine brow shape

First, position an eyebrow pencil on the side of your nose and hold it at an angle towards your eye’s inner corner. Where the pencil edge hits the brow line should be the beginning of your eyebrow.

After that, hold the pencil on the side of your nose, straight over the eye. Your arch should be at the point where it hits the brow bone.

Next, place the pencil on the edge of your nose and align it with your eye’s outer corner. This is the end of your eyebrow.

Step three can be skipped in the future as you can just follow your previous eyebrow shape and clean up stray hairs instead.

Step 4: Outline your brows

To identify which areas to shave, use a brow pencil to gently draw an outline of the shape you’re going for.

Step 5: Apply facial oil

To help the eyebrow razor glide smoothly over the skin, dab a tiny amount of facial oil around the eyebrows.

Step 6: Shave upper area

Hold the skin around your eyebrows tight. Then, with your eyebrow razor at a 45-degree angle, do short, downward strokes in the direction of hair growth, like little sketch strokes.

It is important is to avoid long strokes and to keep your strokes as light as a feather to reduce the chance of nicks and cuts.

Once you are done with this step, wipe off the eyebrow razor with a paper towel to keep it clean for the next step.

Step 7: Groom under area

Remember to keep to the outline that you’ve drawn earlier. Use small strokes to shave any stray hairs under your brows.

Step 8: Focus between your brows

Slowly remove stray hairs in the area between your brows. This will help you look well-groomed.

Step 9: Double check

Check that your eyebrows look even in the mirror. You could pluck stray hairs with a pair of tweezers rather than shaving.

Step 10: Final touches

Wipe your brows clean with a makeup remover. After that, brush your eyebrows into place. Now you can admire your handiwork.

Do avoid exfoliation as the freshly shaved skin can be easily irritated. Always remember to follow up with your normal skincare routine such as moisturiser and sunscreen.

Eyebrow razor on your upper lip

Eyebrow Razor Upper Lip

Some of us have pesky fuzz on our upper lip that we’re dying to remove. But the costs for an upper lip wax can really climb especially if you’re doing it every few weeks.

Other than the brows, you can actually use eyebrow razors on other areas that require a bit more target and precision like the upper lip or jawline.

First, apply some shaving cream and pull the upper lip down taut for a cleaner shave. Then, use a clean eyebrow razor and shave in the direction of the hair growth. do be careful when shaving over existing spots and cuts.

If you don’t have shaving cream, maybe you can pick up the new Powerpuff Girls paddlepop-coloured shaving cream.

Best eyebrow razor list

Kai Shaping Eyebrow Razor

Kai Shaping Eyebrow Razor

Straight from Japan, these eyebrow razors are made of steel so they won’t rust easily and won’t irritate your skin.

One reviewer says that it doesn’t blunt easily, so you could use these razors for a long time.

It retails for RM3.20 for one piece.


Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Razor

Feather Flamingo Eyebrow Razor

A Japanese eyebrow razor, it uses a long lasting platinum-hardened blade for a consistent shaving experience.

It also has a safety guard that offers an extra measure of protection against scrapes and rashes caused by shaving too close.

It retails for RM15 for three pieces.


Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Razor

Etude House My Beauty Tool Eyebrow Razor

Who says all eyebrow razors need to be the same boring shape? Etude House proves us wrong with this uniquely shaped pink eyebrow razor.

Made of stainless steel, you’re guaranteed an easy shaping time with this razor.

It retails for RM6.33 for one piece.


Innisfree Eyebrow Razor

Innisfree Eyebrow Razor

You’ll be glad to know that this is made of stainless steel, which means it is durable and won’t rust.

One reviewer says that the blade is sharp and long lasting, and the razor cover clicks in, so it won’t be easily lost.

It retails for RM17 for two pieces.


Beauty Tools 8146 Folding Eyebrow Razor

Beauty Tools 8146 Folding Eyebrow Razor

This is a handy eyebrow razor because you can quickly fold it closed after using it, so you don’t have to keep track of a pesky cover.

It comes in many different fun colours too, so you can pick which one is your favourite.

It retails for RM1.90 for three pieces.


Watsons Facial Razors

Watsons Facial Razors

Watsons products are pretty well made, and their eyebrow razors are no different.

The blade is sharp and comes with a protective cap for safety after use.

It retails for RM19.90 for three pieces.


Featured image credit: Titi’s Corner and Dollpearls