Considering that we spend so much time (and money!) on our skincare routine, we want to make sure it works harder for us.

If you’re hoping to bring your skincare routine from basic to pro without investing even more money, the good news is that there are beauty hacks that can upgrade it – for free.

Read on for nine hacks from experts that will give you an instant leg-up in the skincare department.

Give your cleansing oil some time to emulsify

beauty hacks cleansing oil emulsify

If you’re already double-cleansing – which means you use a cleansing oil first before a water-based cleanser – that’s great!

But make sure you have given your cleansing enough time to emulsify, in order to let it break down makeup, dirt, sebum, and pollutants.

To do so, simply massage your cleansing oil on your face in circular motion for around one minute. Then, wet your hands and go over the same area, emulsifying the oil into a milk.

Repeat the process until the water turns clear. While it may extend your cleansing time, your face, especially your pores, will be cleaner – it’s going to be worth it!

Foam up your cleanser first before application

beauty hacks foam up your cleanser

A common cleansing mistake: applying cleanser directly onto skin.

The thing that cleans your face is foam, and the fluffier the better, especially if you have sensitised or easily irritated skin. This is because the foam acts as a soft cushion to reduce friction and irritation as it gently lifts dirt and excess sebum off.

You can either choose to use a cleanser that is able to produce fluffy foam easily or try this hack instead. Get a foaming net or decant your regular cleanser into a foaming pump bottle. These tools help to create a foamy lather effortlessly.

If you want a light foam, dilute your cleanser slightly with water.

After massaging the foam onto your skin in circular motion, rinse off and dab dry with a clean face towel or tissue.

Relax with a warm compress on your eyes

beauty hacks warm compress eyes

If you’ve been staying up late bingeing all the latest shows on Disney+, or have been staring at your computer screen for too long, your eyes are probably feeling dry and strained.

To relax the eye area, apply a warm compress. This can help increase blood circulation and stimulation of your oil glands. It is also super relaxing.

You don’t need any special tool; simply wet a soft towel with warm water and place it on your eyes for five minutes.

Rinse your face after using a sheet mask

beauty hacks after masking

Korean celebrities swear by regular sheet-masking to achieve that enviable “glass skin”. However, some of us may notice that the rich essences in these masks can be too heavy for those of us with sensitive, acne-prone skin.

The reason is because the essences in sheet masks are usually enhanced with thickeners that make their consistency thicker, in order to lock in moisture more easily. Letting this thickened essence sit on your skin for too long may clog pores and cause you to break out.

Here’s something you can do: rinse off excess essence after you’ve removed the sheet mask. Don’t be worried about “wastage” because your skin should have already absorbed whatever it is able to absorb when the sheet mask was applied.

Spritz on a hydrating face mist before applying a clay mask

beauty hacks before clay mask

While clay (or mud) masks are great for getting rid of excess sebum and are well-loved by those with oilier skin types, we also know that the rest of us can see dryness after using one.

To mitigate its drying effects, sim

Mix facial oil into your moisturiser

beauty hacks facial oil moisturiser

Some of us may go for a lighter moisturiser in the day and a richer moisturiser at night. But if you prefer to use the same moisturiser, you can give it a nourishing boost for your night routine by adding two to three drops of facial oil into it and mixing it well.

This is also a great way to amp up your moisturiser’s nourishment level on days when your skin is feeling especially parched.

Use a lip product before bed

beauty hacks bedtime lip product

Just like the eyes around our eyes, the skin on our lips is super delicate too. This is why some of us wake up to parched, flaky lips in the morning, especially if we sleep with our air-conditioner on.

You don’t necessarily need to invest in an overnight lip mask. Applying a generous amount of lip balm before you turn in work just as well. Just take note not to overdo it as it can cause blemish to appear around your mouth area.

Wear socksafter you’ve applied lotion on your feet

beauty hacks socks body moisturiser

Cracked heels are pesky and if you’re trying to get rid of these rough patches, you can apply a thicker layer of moisturiser on your feet before you sleep. Try this too: put on socks after application to lock in moisturiser (and also keep your sheets clean). You’ll see softer, smoother heels over time.

Add essential oil to your bath

beauty hacks essential oil bath

We already know what a long soak in a bath can do for us. Here’s how you can dial it up a notch: add a few drops of essential oil to improve its stress-relieving power.

Besides that, some essential oils can also help deliver skincare benefits. For instance, adding some tea tree oil to your bath can help prevent and soothe back-acne.

However, take note that essential oils are super potent, so using the wrong ones can turn your tub time into torture time. Always remember to mix your essential oil with a carrier oil. Jojoba, olive, sunflower, and coconut oils are good ones to mix with. Mixing them can reduce your chance of getting irritation and burns.

You may also want to avoid essential oils that have a reputation for irritating skin. Here are some of them: cinnamon, clove, oregano, spearmint, and wintergreen. On the other hand, skin-loving ones that also smell great in the bath include rose, chamomile, and lavender.