Drawing freckles was all the craze back then, and while many of us are still into the freckled look, beauty moles are actually the hottest trend right now.

If you’ve been on social media recently, you’ve probably noticed that some of your favourite influencers and celebrities are emphasising their moles with brown liners, while others are even drawing new moles on their faces.

While these beauty moles may look pretty, did you know they can also change the distance between your features?

Let’s take a look at how having moles in these different areas of your face can affect your appearance, and maybe you’ll be convinced to hop onto this bandwagon as well!

How to create a mole

Eyeliner pencil/ liquid eyeliner

The easiest method is to use a soft eyeliner pencil or liquid eyeliner in brown to look natural, as well as a waterproof formula to ensure that the mole does not disappear throughout the day.

Make sure the tip is pointed to create a small, round mark that does not smudge easily, then place the liner onto the skin where you want to make the mark.

Then, in circles, twist the pencil to make the mark darker but not larger and set it with a thin layer of powder to look natural.

Lash glue with eyeshadow

If you want to create a beauty spot that looks even more natural, dab a small amount of eyelash glue onto the area to serve as the foundation for the “mole.”

After the glue dot has dried for a few minutes, fill in the dot with an appropriate shade of eyeshadow using the tip of a soft and narrow brush.

To make it easier, wet the tip of the brush before dipping it in the shadow.


If you are extremely certain that the beauty mole is right for you, you can get it permanently tattooed. For those who want a less permanent mark, try using henna which will eventually disappear in a few weeks.

Different mole placements

Inner eyes corner mole

face mole

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube

If you notice that your eyes are too far apart, drawing a mole on the inner corners of your eyes can actually make the distance appear closer and bring balance to wide-set eyes.

Under-eye/tear mole

face mole

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube

This placement does more than just give a sultry look, as seen on celebrities such as Dilraba Dilmurat (or Dilireba) and Jang Won Young.

To begin, drawing a tear mole below the eye that is higher than the other can help to balance out uneven eyes.

It also draws attention to our eye shape, making them appear larger and more appealing.

If your eyes are your best feature, try drawing a mole under them to draw attention to them!

Between brows mole

face mole 4

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube

If the mole is placed in the middle of the brows and eyes, it can soften the appearance of high-set brows by filling the large gap in between.

However, if your mole is placed near the outer corner of your brows, it can help to lengthen the shape of your eyes. If you want to achieve the long, lifted cat eye look, this is the mole placement for you.

This mole placement can also create the illusion of widened eyes, so if you have close-set eyes, try it!

Middle cheek mole

face mole

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube, @claraify3/TikTok

A mole here will give the illusion of a shorter distance between your eyes and nose, shortening your middle third ratio.

This is ideal for anyone with a longer face or who simply wants to look more youthful because your cheeks will appear fleshier.

Nose mole

face mole

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube, @claraify3@TikTok

A mole on your nose bridge can visually shorten the length of your nose and even pull it forward, giving your nose a more defined structure.

A mole closer to your nose tip, on the other hand, can lengthen your nose and make your nose tip appear smaller.

Upper lip mole

face mole 6

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube

An upper lip mole not only adds a flirty aura to your appearance, but it also makes your lips appear more lifted.

It shortens your philtrum, reducing the distance between your nose and lips and making your lips appear higher.

Chin mole

face mole

Credits: @dearpeachie/YouTube

By shifting the visual focus to your chin, you get the opposite effect of the middle cheek mole, which is overall lengthening.

While you may be wondering who wants a longer face, a lengthening effect can actually make your face appear slimmer!