Ever accidentally activated your phone camera while scrolling, only to find an unexpected double chin staring back at you? We’ve all been there, and even the slimmest people has experienced this before!

We all yearn for that stunning, celebrity-like jawline, and that’s why we’ve gathered five common causes that contribute to double chins. Whether it’s genetics, posture, or something else, we’ll be uncovering all the possible reasons behind this woe for you.

And that’s not all, we’ve also compiled a list of five tried-and-true methods that will not only address the underlying causes of double chins, but will also help you sculpt a jawline like Bella Hadid’s!

How does double chin form?

Blame it on the genes

double chin causes- heredity

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Ever pondered why some individuals appear more susceptible to the double chin conundrum? The answer lies in our genetics. If you have a round face and a shorter chin, you’re more likely to develop a double chin.

Heredity also plays a significant role in your double chin woes. If one of your parents wrestles with a double chin, the chances  that you might encounter the same challenge are higher!

The ageing effect

double chin causes- ageing

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As time marches on, the invaluable duo of collagen and elastin, responsible for preserving skin elasticity, gradually diminishes. Consequently, the skin on our chin begins to lose its once firm and taut nature, ultimately giving rise to that pesky double chin.

A diet dilemma

double chin causes- high fat food

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When it comes to the battle against double chins, our daily food choices wield considerable power. Indulging in high-fat foods without balancing it with chin-specific exercises is a surefire way to get that unwelcome double chin, due to excess fat accumulation in the chin area.

When we regularly consume high-fat foods without engaging in enough physical activity, our body will store those extra fats, and unfortunately, the chin area is not spared. As a result, the double chin will rear its head, making it a less-than-desirable addition to our appearance.

The predicament of incorrect postures

double chin causes- bad posture

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Ah, the age-old advice from moms about maintaining good posture – and it turns out, they are once again absolutely right!

Prolonged poor postures like the infamous “turtle neck” stance with your head thrusting forward actually weakens and loosens your neck and jaw muscles gradually. The consequence? A potential invitation for that bothersome double chin to take center stage.

Not just that, our beloved mobile devices that keep us endlessly connected, can also be unknowingly complicit in our double chin struggles.

The habit of constantly tilting our heads down to interact with our phone squeeze and loosen the skin around our chin area, leading to the unwanted appearance of double chin and unsightly neck lines.

So, the next time you’re tempted to slouch or lose yourself in the digital world, remember that these are the culprit to double chin!

The chew factor

double chin causes- chewing

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As humorous as it may sound, the simple act of not chewing your food enough can actually contribute to the dreaded double chin. You might wonder how something so seemingly unrelated could be a factor, but here’s how it works.

Chewing is more than just a way to break down our meals; it serves as an exercise for our jaw muscles. When we chew, these muscles are engaged, working to move our jaws and grind the food into a digestible state.

When we don’t chew adequately, these jaw muscles miss out on their regular workout and over time, this lack of exercise causes the muscles to become lax and less elastic.

So, take your time to savour and thoroughly chew your food the next time you sit down for a meal. Not only will it aid in your digestion, but it will also keep your jaw muscles toned, reducing the likelihood of developing a double chin down the road.

How to get rid of double chin?

Drink more water

double chin tips- drink water

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As cliché as it sounds, drinking more water can actually get rid of double chin.

By drinking water before meals, you’re setting the stage for appetite control. This means that you’ll be less likely to consume high-calorie foods with excess fats, sugars, and salts, all of which are huge contributors to a double chin.

Staying adequately hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day also effectively flushes out toxins and fats that can give you a double chin.

Use a firming mask

double chin tips- firming mask

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Firming masks work wonders by tightening and lifting the skin, revealing clearer facial contours with no double chin.

The key is to look out for firming ingredients like caffeine, vitamin A, and vitamin E, that excel at enhancing skin elasticity and restoring your skin’s youthful resilience.

Regularly incorporating firming masks into your skincare routine can therefore be a game-changer in reducing double chin.

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Eat more anti-ageing and face-slimming foods

double chin tips- food

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By including more anti-ageing foods in your diet, you are nourishing your skin from within, slowing skin ageing and preserving collagen.

Anti-ageing foods high in antioxidants, such as asparagus, garlic, pumpkin, green tea, blueberries, carrots, almonds, avocado, walnuts, and onions, will help you look younger and reduce the appearance of a double chin.

Foods like spinach, chicken, red beans, winter melon, carrots, celery, honey, and bean sprouts help in reducing facial fat by promoting the drainage of excess water from your body, eliminating your double chin.

3 quick chin exercises

Achieving a more defined jawline can be as easy as incorporating these three simple facial exercises and massages into your daily routine:

  • “Kiss the Sky” exercise: Keep your back straight, then gaze upwards at the ceiling while puckering your lips as if you’re “kissing the sky” for five seconds, and repeat it 15 times to stretch your neck and jaw muscles.
  • Lymphatic massage: During your daily routine, consider massaging the lymph nodes on both sides of your neck. This helps boost blood circulation in your skin, reduces edema, and trims the fat around the chin, making your facial outline more distinct.
  • Masticatory muscle massage: Massage your masticatory muscles, which are the muscles above your jawline responsible for chewing, by gently circling them clockwise for 30 seconds, and then counterclockwise for 30 seconds, to slim your face.

Japan’s popular “5-minute plastic surgery face-lifting” exercise

double chin tips- exercise

Credits: @user-wg1mh5jr4x/YouTube

This five-minute daily face-lifting exercise by popular Japanese YouTuber @user-wg1mh5jr4x, who has over 700,000 subscribers for her easy, yet effective exercises, helps to tackle double chins, and redefine jawlines in just 10 days:

  • Begin with a warm-up by gently turning your neck clockwise three times, followed by three times counterclockwise.
  • Next, place your hands on your shoulders and rotate them forward and backward about six times to release tension.
  • Lower your right ear with your right hand to your shoulders for about 10 seconds, keeping your waist as straight as possible. Repeat on the left side for a gentle stretch.
  • Using both hands, twist your earlobes forward gently for six times, then backward six times to improve blood circulation.
  • To target your “turtle neck”, gently pinch the muscle along your shoulder and neck, alternating between the right and left sides.
  • Stretch your collarbone stretch by turning your head to the side and looking upwards, while puckering your lips for three seconds. Look down after, and repeat this on the other side.
  • Cross your hands at the back of your neck and lean your head back for 10 seconds, then forward for 10 seconds to open up your shoulders.
  • Repeat this set of movements three times to complete the exercise.

You can watch the full video here for an in-depth tutorial of the exercise!