To her millions of fans, Dilireba, also known as Dilraba Dilmurat, is more than just a talented actress, she’s a beauty icon!

From her unforgettable performances in popular TV series like Pretty Li Huizhen in 2017 to Eternal Love Of Dream, she has captured the hearts of audiences not only in China but around the world.

But Dilireba is not just a star on the screen. She is also a brand ambassador for Clarins’ Asia-Pacific skincare and now, the face of Dior’s Women’s Collections and Dior Makeup! She has truly made a name for herself beyond acting.

Despite her hectic schedule, Dilireba never fails to amaze her fans with her beauty and grace. Lucky for us, she’s let us in on some of her beauty secrets for that ever-stunning look.

So, read on for the full scoop!

Beauty Tip #1: Proper Skin Cleansing & Suncare


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba firmly believes in the power of a solid skincare routine, with cleansing being the star of the show. Cleansing is not just a mundane step for her, but rather the foundation of her radiant and healthy skin!

And let’s not forget about sun protection. Dilireba always applies sunscreen before putting on any makeup to shield her skin from the harmful effects of the sun.

Beauty Tip #2: Get Sufficient Rest


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

Being a beauty spokesperson is no easy task, and Dilireba understands the toll it can take on her skin. That’s why she prioritises getting enough rest to ensure her complexion remains even and radiant. After all, beauty sleep is not just a myth!

Beauty Tip #3: Practise Healthy Eating Habits


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

As we age, our metabolism changes, and Dilireba believes in the power of healthy eating habits to maintain overall well-being. Mindful eating and moderation are her secrets to combat ageing. She recommends cutting back on sugar to keep that youthful glow!

Beauty Tip #4: Don’t Wear Makeup If Not Necessary


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba understands that her skin needs a break from constant makeup application. That’s why she embraces makeup-free days, allowing her natural beauty to shine through – an essential break in the glamour routine!

Beauty Tip #5: Tailored Morning & Night Skincare Regimens


Photo credit: @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.

Dilireba understands that a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for skincare. In the morning, she prioritises hydration and protection, especially before applying makeup. At night, she focuses on anti-ageing, indulging in a soothing facial massage to relax and unwind.

Beauty Tip #6: Hydrating Skin Prep Before Applying Makeup


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Constantly wearing makeup for her job, Dilireba knows the importance of prepping her skin. To maintain a supple and radiant complexion, she begins with a hydrating skin prep using a refreshing mist before applying any makeup.

Beauty Tip #7: Start On An Anti-Ageing Skincare Regimen Early


Photo credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram.

Dilireba firmly believes in starting an anti-ageing skincare regimen early on. Adapting your skincare products and routine as your skin evolves is essential, even in high-stress situations. She has found a regimen that helps her skin thrive, and you can too!

So, take inspiration from Dilireba, and unlock the secret to achieving skin as stunning as hers!

Featured image credit: @dilrabaxx63/Instagram, @dilireba_dilmuraat/Instagram.