Crossing legs while sitting on a chair is a habit that many of us are accustomed to. While we’ve heard health warnings and even superstitions around it, it’s still a behaviour we can’t stop ourselves from doing.

However, there is a specific situation when crossing your legs should be avoided at all cost: during your haircuts.

Curious to know why? Read on!

Do you cross legs when getting haircuts?


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A visit to the salon can be nerve-wrecking for a multitude of reasons. You’re always left wondering how short the hairstylist might trim your hair or whether the hair colour you’ve chosen will turn out as desired.

However, there’s another factor that’s currently gaining attention on TikTok, and it pertains to something you should definitely avoid doing during a haircut: crossing your legs.

Surprisingly, there’s a very solid reason behind this advice.

Crossed legs are the sneaky culprit behind crooked haircuts!


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You might be wondering why crossing your legs during a haircut is a potential no-no? Tiktoker @caseyc_hair shared why you shouldn’t be doing it!

Unintentionally and unknowingly, sitting with your legs crossed can mess up your new hair.

Apparently, it has everything to do with angles. When you cross your legs, one side of your bottom is inevitably slightly lifted up. As a result, this could potentially leave you with a wonky, uneven hair-do.

But that’s not all you could be doing to lead to an uneven haircut. Talking with your hands and turning your head, even slightly, can make for an uneven trim too.

The bottom line? Just relax and use the time to unwind, but of course without moving much or resist that temptation to cross your legs.

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