Pick up any ol’ tube of mascara, lift up the wand, and what else would you expect to see besides inky-black product?

Classic black mascara lets us create everything from thick, chunky falsie-like lashes to minimalist clean, crisp curls (though, only with a precise hand, ultra-fine brush, and an expert choice of product) – all to frame the eyes and finish our style.

But there’s another type of tube in town and it’s broken all the rules of a dark, tacky black mascara. Clear mascaras are back, and they’re revamping the way we accentuate our lashes.

What is clear mascara?

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Photo source: elf (left), Perfect Diary (right)

Sounding suspiciously like an oxymoron (how could a clear product darken the lashes?), clear mascaras work mightily to transform the lashes into lifted, perky, oh-so-natural curls.

Similar to clear eyebrow gel, a clear mascara coats the lash strands and dries to hold them in place. As usual, you should first pump down on your lashes with an eyelash curler to create an uplifted curl. Then, simply shimmy the clear gel, from root to tip, over the strands to keep them perky throughout the day.

This time, it won’t take as much precision, skill, or expertise (compared to a black mascara) to achieve a minimalist no-makeup makeup, “clean girl” lash look. Smear-free, lightweight, and easy to wipe clean, clear mascaras help you easily achieve naturally lifted lashes.

How to wear clear mascara?

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Clear mascaras create boundless possibilities when it comes to style too: besides using them to hold your lashes clean curls on their own, you can also pair them with your regular ink-black mascaras (as primer or top-coat) for extra volume, length, and hold.


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Make use of them to sculpt your eyebrows and tame baby hairs for a trendy, slicked-back Y2K hairstyle. Even mix them in with chromatic eyeshadows for a brilliant pop of colour over your eyes (bam, you’ve got yourself a coloured mascara too).

Some of these clear mascaras are also formulated with strand-strengthening ingredients like peptides, vitamin E, vitamin B5, and biotin, so they – let us count – sextuple as a nourishing lash serum for a healthier, stronger flutter too.

So, an oxymoron? We think not. We’ve rounded up the 13 best clear mascaras that’ll let you flaunt natural, lifted lashes.

Best clear mascaras in Malaysia

E.L.F. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

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If you’re thinking you can skip buying a new product for your lashes by using your clear brow gel instead, don’t!

The eyes are more sensitive than the rest of your face, which means that you should apply a product that’s actually safe to use near your peepers.

The E.L.F. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara lets you have the best of both worlds with its unique double-sided wand, each end dipped into a separate tube of clear gel.

So, even if you gel your brows after they’ve been drawn on, and then stuff the wand back into the tube, at least you know that the other one will remain lash-safe and crystal clear.

E.L.F. Clear Brow & Lash Mascara retails for RM23 on Shopee.

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash

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Those with stick-straight or droopy lashes, turn to none other than Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash. Praised for its strong fix, it’s a clear mascara that’s ideal for those with stubbornly down-turned lashes!

Shimmy the clear gel onto your lashes, and it’ll coat and harden around each strand when it dries, which means that your lashes will remain cleanly lifted and curled throughout the day.

You can also apply it as a primer before putting black mascara for extra volume, but some reviewers are wary about lashes that tend to be unevenly clumpy afterwards.

Etude House Dr. Mascara Fixer For Perfect Lash retails for RM17.99 on Shopee

Canmake Quick Lash Curler in Clear

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Japanese brand Canmake’s Quick Lash Curler comes in four different colours: Black, Brown, Wine Mauve, and Clear.

Slightly different compared to other clear mascaras, The Canmake Quick Lash Curler in Clear is designed to go over a coat of regular mascara, rather than under it.

Its mascara wand also features a stiff double-ended comb, extra effective at combing through and separating the strands for the ultimate clean lash look.

So, should lifted, fanned-out lashes be what you’re hoping to wear, then note Canmake Quick Lash Curler in Clear as a try-worthy option!

Canmake Quick Lash Curler in Clear retails for RM50.79 on Yesstyle.

Perfect Diary Lash Building Primer Mascara

clear mascara

Perfect Diary’s Lash Building Primer Mascara can be used as a primer when paired with black mascara, but also as a clear coating when used on its own.

Besides taming your lashes and fixing their light curls, this clear mascara also helps to lengthen the lashes slightly, so your eyes will be framed by longer, more feathered strands.

Since it’s also a waterproof formula, you won’t have to worry about smudging and smearing by midday as you might with jet-black mascara.

Perfect Diary Lash Building Primer Mascara retails for RM49.98 on Shopee.

Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash Mascara

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Use this clear mascara as a primer, a top coat, or on its own to fluff and feather up your lashes even more!

The Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash Mascara has a thick gel consistency that gives a comfortable hold on your lashes as you groom and style them.

Infused with strand-strengthening soy protein and shaft-rebuilding vitamin B5, the clear mascara will also nourish your eyelashes for a healthier, stronger flutter.

Wet n Wild Mega Clear Brow & Lash Mascara retails for RM24.90 on Shopee or RM22.05 at Watsons

Kaja Wink Lash Trio

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The ultra-chic trio that’s cute enough to bring with you wherever you go, Kaja’s Wink Lash Trio is a set that includes a Lash Primer + Brow Serum Gel, Volumizing Mascara, and Lengthening Mascara!

The Lash Primer + Brow Serum Gel is the tube that you need to keep your eyes peeled for if a clear mascara is what’s on your shopping list. The clear mascara works as a primer to give lashes extra volume, brow serum to nourish and sculpt (why Kaja gives it its name), or on its own for natural lash definition.

Kaja’s three products fully equip you in the lash department: first shimmy on the clear mascara (after you’ve curled your lashes) for a strong hold, and then apply the Volumizing Mascara for sultry volume. Finally, for wispier length, use the Lengthening Mascara in your final step.

They’re the perfect fit, literally, because you can just magnetically snap the three purple tubes together to form one easy-to-carry compact. With this triple-power combo, your lashes will stay curled and flutter-proof all day!

Kaja Wink Lash Trio retails for RM143.90 on Yesstyle.

Dr. Hauschka Brow and Lash Gel Translucent

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Photo source: Organic Beauty Blogger

Define and condition your lashes with the Dr Hauschka Brow and Lash Gel Translucent, because it contains nourishing botanical ingredients like neem, eyebright, and black tea!

High in fatty acids, neem helps to lock in your hair’s moisture for stronger, healthier lashes; the dark pigments in black tea may also temporary darken your strands for a naturally more alluring lash look.

Dr Hauschka is a brand known for its natural formulas, and the same goes for this clear mascara that’s good for your lashes. The only potential downside to this product, according to some reviewers, is that it might flake when it dries.

Dr. Hauschka Brow and Lash Gel Translucent retails for RM111 on Zalora

NAMING Touch-Up Lash Maker Fixer

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K-beauty brand NAMING’s Touch-Up Lash Maker comes in two shades: regular black and clear. The Touch-Up Lash Maker Fixer is a clear mascara that coats and fixes the strands in place for an extra-clean lash curl.

Since it’s lightweight and doesn’t clump, it works great for thinner, more delicate Asian lashes, helping you to secure a lifted curl for longer.

NAMING Touch-Up Lash Maker Fixer retails for RM71.70 on Yesstyle.

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