We’ve been big fans of Kim Soo-hyun or Claudia Kim ever since her debut in the television series Queen of the Game back in 2006.

You may have also seen her in international films such as Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald.

It surprised us to hear that she’s turning 38 this year, because she looks like she’s still in her 20s to us.

Want to have a piece of her beauty secrets? Read on for a compilation of beauty tips she’s shared that we’ve put together.

She loves to exercise

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - exercise - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

Since her role as the warrior princess Khutulun in Netflix’s show Marco Polo, she has been really into ju-jitsu. She also loves horse-riding, wrestling, and sword-fighting.

Exercise is said to help to de-puff her face in the morning, and she said that her cheeks and nose look more defined after a good workout, as sweating it out reduces water retention.

She likes using sheet masks

The actress especially likes using sheet masks and considers it one of the most underrated beauty products. They’re convenient to bring along when she travels and delivers results quickly.

She applies a sheet mask wherever she is, whether it’s on the plane or in the car.

She emphasises on hydration

Another well-sounding advice that was passed down to Claudia from her mother is to hydrate her skin conscientiously.

To create glossy and healthy-looking skin, Claudia would layer moisturisers to keep her skin well-hydrated.

She uses bottled water on her face

Claudia only washes her face with bottled water whenever she’s travelling. It helps to avoid any skin irritation as bottled water can be safer than using tap water in some countries.

Her family also taught her to use rice water to wash her face. They believe that the water contains minerals that makes for a great natural toner.

She is picky with her makeup

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - makeup - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

One of the things Claudia’s mother taught her when she was young is to be aware of her skin tone and condition. This way, she would be able to choose the right makeup to wear.

She’s also a fan of using cushion compacts and concealers to hide any blemishes on her relatively clear face.

She loves having dark chocolate

This actress cannot help adding coffee beans and 100% dark chocolate into her healthy protein shakes.

Dark chocolate is known to be highly nutritious and loaded with antioxidants, and is said to help improve blood flow and lower blood pressure.

She has an eight-step skincare routine

It doesn’t surprise us that this South Korean star has many steps in her skincare routine.

She’s not one to stick to one product though, as she is always switching what she is using. Her belief is that you need different products for different seasons because your skin is constantly changing.

She takes primrose supplements

Claudia’s biggest concern is allergies because dust in South Korea can be quite bad and can affect the skin.

To combat this, she was prescribed primrose supplements by her dermatologist. These supplements can help improve overall skin health and relieve premenstrual syndrome symptoms too.

She loves playing around with lipsticks

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - lipstick - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

Although her go-to shades her soft sands and corals, Claudia doesn’t just stick to the same lip shades.

When she’s in the mood for something more fun, she reaches for a bright red or a purple lip, which she says can help her skin appear brighter due to the contrast.

She applies toner to her face at least 14 times a day

Claudia Kim applies toner to her face at least seven times in the morning and another seven times right before bed.

She loves using soothing, oil-controlling toners and takes time throughout the day to swipe, pat, and repeat.

She took private classes with a makeup expert

When she was young, Claudia’s mother was quite strict with her and she was not allowed to wear any makeup.

Instead, Claudia had to attend private classes with a makeup expert. She was only allowed to apply her own makeup after 20 classes.

She always carries fragrances with her

Fragrance is something this actress cannot do without, as she loves anything that smells good. This is why she always carries perfume or essential oils with her.

She especially loves lavender or cedarwood scents and says that essential oils can help ward off sickness.

She loves saunas and massages

Saunas and massages are some of her favourite activities. Whenever she is back in South Korea, she loves going to the Conrad Seoul hotel sauna.

She also enjoys dry massages and foot massages once or twice a week to help soothe her aching body due to her intensive workouts.

She carries multiple types of sunblock

Claudia Kim Beauty Tips - sunblock - claudiashkim on Instagram

Photo source: @claudiashkim on Instagram

We were impressed to hear that Claudia Kim carries more than one type of sunblock – from sprays to creams – with her at all times.

You’ll also find cleansing water, facial masks, candles, perfumes, and her favourite sachets of tea in her bag.

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