With Chinese New Year (CNY) just around the corner, we’re getting ready with freshly-cut hair, new clothes, and – not forgetting the details, Chinese New Year nail designs on your digits. That’s why, from tiger designs to fit in with the 2022 zodiac, to luxurious gold charms to put the cherry on top of your beautifully painted nails, we share 16 festive nail designs to help you get into the mood this lunar new year in Malaysia!

Year of the tiger nail designs

It’s the year of the tiger, so what better way to celebrate than with hand-painted tiger nail designs? Tiger-themed nails are only so festive once every twelve years, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to flaunt these big cats over the holiday.

Pastel orange tiger nails


Photo source: @thenailartbabe on Instagram

Pastel colours have been all the rage this year, so dress your nails up in cheerful pastel orange, paired with the gorgeous hand-painted tiger and floral designs that keep in theme with the Lunar New Year but don’t go overboard on festivities.

Festive tiger and mahjong new year nails

nail designs for CNY singapore - tiger and mahjong

Photo source: 莔莔墶 on Xiao Hong Shu

If you don’t think that tigers are quite enough to dial up the festivities this Chinese New Year, then it’s time to bring mahjong and firecrackers into the mix to usher in a bright red, prosperous new year.

Cute tiger and paw print nails

nail designs for CNY singapore - tiger and pawprints

Photo source: 加油美甲 on Xiao Hong Shu

These adorable nails don’t just feature a round-bellied tiger, they also have little paw print designs that make it look like the tigers took a stroll. Keep it interesting by creating some negative space on the single-coloured nails too – they’ll look cute even without hand painted designs.

Dark red and tiger nails

nail designs for CNY singapore - dark red and tiger

Photo source: Wuli糯糯丸子 on Xiao Hong Shu

Sophisticated dark reds combined with cute tiger designs create the perfect balance.

Glitter and tiger nails

nail designs for CNY singapore - glitter tiger nails

Photo source: NA.YUKI Salon

Bring in the glitter to elegantly complement your tiger-themed nails. You can go for deep pinks and dark reds if you’re not into bright colours that are typical of the Chinese New Year; deep pinks and red paired with glitter create an enchanting style that’s Instagram-worthy. 

Festive floral nail designs

Think of the Lunar New Year and we think of orchids, peach blossoms, and pussy willows, all in their natural springtime bloom! What’s Chinese New Year without gorgeous spring flowers?

Orange spring flowers nails


Photo source: The Nail Artelier

Did you know that the Chinese New Year marks the end of the winter and the beginning of spring? These orange flower nail designs are a cute way to beckon in a fresh spring season, plus they’re a great way to turn up the festivities on even a plain outfit this CNY.

Vibrant flower garden and glitter nails


Photo source: Nail County

The flowers in this design come in as many vibrant shades as those in a spring garden. These bold and bright nails also remind us of the elaborate patterns on a beautiful cheongsam – just the right style for the new year.

Metallic red with flowers nails


Photo source: The Nail Artelier

Can’t decide between reds or flowers this lunar new year? You can enjoy equal parts red and flowers with this powerful chrome nail design that’s mixed with gentler patterns of tiny blooms.

Shades of red nail designs

Red is always the colour of this season, but there’s more than one shade of red to celebrate the New Year in. Get creative with these arresting red hues on your nails this CNY!

Shades of red with gold nails


Photo source: EA Nail Studio

You can never go wrong with reds this auspicious season! So, why not go with different shades this year with this mix-and-match nail design that combines bright, cheerful reds with more subtle marbled orange hues?

Classy deep red with gold nails


Photo source: EA Nail Studio

Dark reds spell class and elegance. Sprinkle on gold flakes and you’ll be saying gong xi gong xi in super luxurious style.

Glamorous pop-up nail designs

Bring some extra glamour to the table this Lunar New Year with accessorised nail styles. These styles feature stunning nail jewellery that add another dimension to your already stunning nails.

Since you’re dressing your finest as you go visiting over the new year, there’s no better time to luxuriously doll up your nails to compliment your #ootd (outfit of the day).

Lavish gold and pearl charms nails


Photo source: @nailsbylittleboo on Instagram

These lavish pop-up nail designs add an extra flair to your outfit this lunar new year. With gold ornaments, pearls, and glistening stones, you’ll have something more to talk about around the coffee table – you’re sure to charm your way into your relatives’ hearts.

Simple butterfly and gems nails


Photo source: Melbourne L2 Beauty

Pop-up nails don’t have to be super extravagant. Instead, you can go for a simple and feminine look but painting your nails a single shade of glittery pink paired with a cute charm on each nail. The butterfly in this design acts as the statement jewellery piece whilst the other smaller charms complement it.

Ombre with pink bow nails

nail designs for CNY singapore - ombre nails

We’re so in love with these ombre nails that blend peachy pink with lavender for a whimsical style – add the large pink bow and we’re getting Ariana Grande vibes. You’re also free to play around with the colours, like a deep red and orange to match the auspicious Chinese New Year, or yellow and orange for a more cheerful style.

Cheerful nail designs

Zodiac-themed, auspiciously red, and glamorously accessorised nails certainly bring out the CNY festivities, but there’s another way to leap into the new year on a cheerful note – that’s with these #goodvibes nail designs. The vibrant colours and happy designs keep your heart light as you transit into the lunar new year.

Matt, hand-painted goldfish nails


Photo source: Manicurious Singapore

Besides the zodiac and flower patterns, goldfish are a well-loved symbol during the lunar new year. Keep in theme with Chinese New Year whilst switching up your colour palette with hand-painted goldfish, traditional Japanese wave pattern and matt baby blue nails design.

Cute hand-painted nails


Photo source: The Nail Artistry

If cute hand-drawn designs are more your vibe, then this cheerful nail design is the one for you. With happy daisies, adorable animals, and the bright colours of the rainbow, you’ll enjoy ushering in the new year with smiles all around.

Green and purple pastel nails


Photo source: @Channel8_ on Xiao Hong Shu

Instead of sticking with reds this CNY, get creative with trending pastel nails! These nails give focus to the palette whilst keeping the patterns simple, and they work beautifully with any complementary colour combinations: purple and green, peach and turquoise, light blue and orange.