It may not be a new product, but the CHANEL Rouge Allure Velvet has been gaining some traction on Xiao Hong Shu recently. In particular, shade #63, Essentialle.

Xiao Hong Shu user 贝贝(同款看主页) took to the platform to show how she wore the strawberry rose milk tea-like shade in a flattering K-beauty fashion.

Credit: 贝贝(同款看主页)/Xiao Hong Shu

CHANEL strawberry rose milk tea hippie: Essentialle

Unlike the lined and fully-filled, bold lip that CHANEL models are often seen wearing, with the Rouge Allure Velvet, she skilfully feathered out the edges for a soft, natural look.

Credit: 贝贝(同款看主页)/Xiao Hong Shu

This creates a fuller and plumper look, which was enhanced by the soft sheen of the velvet finish. This semi-matte finish allows for a natural appearance — not too dewy or matte.

The pigmentation and creaminess of the formula is, as expected, simply to die for. The dustiness of the pink hue offer a natural warmth and flush, without being too loud.

When worn the way she did it, it resembles the lightness of lip creams and tints.

All 20 shades of CHANEL’s Rouge Allure Velvet retails at RM170 each at CHANEL boutiques, and on their website.