Imagine this: you just met someone who looks super kawaii, and start to think to yourself, “Hey, they’re quite a catch.” But the moment they open their mouths, you’re greeted with a waft of stanky breath, leaving you immobilised.

Sounds familiar? Bad breath—medically known as halitosis—is an extremely common occurrence, and can really affect your overall image, even if you’re dressed to the nines.

Thankfully, BOP recently collaborated with Sanrio to release a line of super adorable oral sprays. Let’s take a look!

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  1. BOP x Sanrio oral sprays

BOP x Sanrio oral sprays

Credit: @hipposdaily/Instagram

Available in four different flavours housed in little spray bottles adorned with adorable Sanrio characters, these oral sprays look good, and make you smell even better, so you won’t ever feel embarrassed using this in public.

It claims to be free of preservatives, sugar, and alcohol—so rest assured you’re not ingesting anything detrimental to your body!

Let’s check out the different bottles, and their corresponding flavours.


In this sweet little baby blue tube speckled with icons of Cinnamonroll, cakes, stars, and tiny parachutes, is a delicious grape flavoured oral spray that will offer your mouth a refreshing, and fruity fragrance.


Here’s one for you rebels out there. This dark casing of the tube, sprinkled with motifs and illustrations of Kuromi and all things her gives it an edgy and punk look.

Encased in this bottle is a thirst-quenching Cola-flavoured breath spray! After all, bad girls still gotta smell as slay as they look.

Hello Kitty

Minimal in design, this white bottle features our favourite feline character, Hello Kitty, in all her glory, in front of yellow, blue and red stripes—her characteristic colours, which makes this absolutely to die for.

The simple and laid back nature of the design is paired with a refreshing and calming peach oolong breath spray.

My Melody

Finally, we wrap the collection up with a sweet, flirtatious baby pink bottle of lychee sakura breath spray.

The sweetness of the spray and colour scheme is topped off with a winking My Melody in front of a giant heart.

The BOP x Sanrio oral sprays go for RM49.90 on Shopee. A discount is offered at the time of writing. Tap in to see updated price.