We’ve always been a fan of Japanese media ever since we were young. We remember jamming out to Ayumi Hamasaki’s compilation album A Best and wanting to be just like her.

Even now, years later, we still find ourselves admiring this “Empress of J-pop”. We were actually shocked to hear that she’s 43 now, because she sure doesn’t look her age to us!

Here’s a compilation of beauty tips this style icon has shared over the years; hopefully by picking them up, we can also preserve youthful looks and age gracefully.

She laughs a lot

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 1 laughing

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

Laughing is Ayumi’s biggest beauty weapon. This is likely because it can really make her appear more pleasant and encouraging.

In case you think this sounds silly, you’d be surprised to know that research has also shown that laughter may lead to beauty and health benefits like clearer eyes, brighter skin, healthier hair, and a better ability to fight illnesses.

She always keeps her skin moisturised

Moisturising your skin is important to make it appear youthful and plump. It can also help to reduce skin problems such as extreme dryness and oiliness.

This may be why Ayumi always makes sure to keep her skin hydrated, which she attributes to for her practically flawless skin.

She eats macrobiotic meals on tour

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 3 macrobiotic meals

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

Whenever Ayumi is travelling for a long period of time, she gets her chef to make her macrobiotic meals three times a day.

A macrobiotic diet means a high-fibre, high-complex carbohydrate, low-fat eating plan that focuses on whole grains and vegetables.

She makes sure she keeps herself warm

One thing Ayumi places a lot of emphasis on is body temperature as she always ensures that she keeps herself warm.

She says that feeling chilly is a woman’s worst enemy. We can imagine how unpleasant we may look when we are uncomfortably cold, so we can understand this tip.

She loves her sheet masks

Ayumi Hamasaki Beauty Tips tip 5 sheet masks

Photo source: @a.you on Instagram

This pop star has shared that whenever there is some downtime or when everyone around her is sleeping, she loves to surround herself with her favourite candles.

Then, she applies a sheet mask to her face and takes a deep breath. She says she really feels like she is getting a relaxing treatment that way.

She does a lot of exercise

For her exercise, Ayumi does a lot of yoga, ballet, and aerial training with a special programme tailored for her physical condition.

She intensively trains her body twice a week before concerts and filming in order to keep her muscles toned.

Featured image credit: a.you & a.you