Surely, we all desire having a signature scent that perfectly captures our personality and instantly reminds others of us.

However, you will frequently come across someone wearing the same perfume as you, and no longer feel as special.

So, what if we told you that layering perfumes is actually the key to creating complex scents? This is a tip that Arabic perfumers swear by.

For the uninitiated, Arab is seen as the birthplace of perfumery and people there are obsessed with fragrances – so they really know what they’re talking about!

Continue reading to learn how you can easily create your signature scent through layering, according to Arabic perfumers.

Step one: Choose a vanilla-based body oil

arabic perfume layering

Credits: @madonnayumnam/TikTok

According to Madonna Yumnam (@madonnayumnam on TikTok), who received advice from Arabic perfumers while exploring Dubai, it’s best to layer vanilla-based perfumes or lighter fragrances to create a more complex scent that lingers.

The secret is using a Mukhammaria, which is essentially a body oil that you apply to your skin and hair. It can be a blend of wood, saffron, or rose, but Madonna recommends using a vanilla-based one like ARD AL ZAAFARAN’s Mukhammaria Manasib.

She noticed that combining vanilla-based body oil with perfumes makes the fragrances last longer, and vanilla is also a good base for layering because it works with a wide range of scents.

ARD AL ZAAFARAN Mukhammaria Manasib is currently not available in Malaysia. You can find other ARD AL ZAAFARAN Mukhammaria on Ebay, retailing for US$8.99 (~RM42.17).

Step two: Apply the body oil over your pulse points

arabic perfume layering

Credits: @madonnayumnam/TikTok

Madonna rubs a small amount of the body oil over her pulse points – on her wrists and behind her ears – with her finger.

Pulse points are areas on your skin’s surface where your blood vessels emit heat.

Because heat helps to diffuse and amplify fragrance, applying your body oil base to these points will increase heat retention, which in turn helps to intensify the scent of your perfume.

After the body oil dries on your skin, it’ll emits a divine smell that Madonna describes as “gooey and sweet”.

Step three: Spray the perfume of your choice

arabic perfume layering

Credits: @madonnayumnam/TikTok

Madonna finishes by spritzing Diptyque Eau Duelle, her favourite vanilla-scented perfume, over her pulse points.

The vanilla, combined with the perfume’s spicy peppery notes, creates a complex fragrance that is uniquely hers, making it her signature scent.

So the next time you visit an Arab perfumer, don’t forget to ask for a Mukhammaria, and you’d be surprised to learn that this useful product costs only 10 dirham (~S$3.72)!

Watch Madonna’s TikTok video to get the full deets on this simple hack.


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Featured image credits: @madonnayumnam/TikTok