Miss Hong Kong 2006, Aimee Chan, who is best remembered for her role in Best Selling Secrets, has turned 41 in 2022.

Her win at the pageant may have been 16 years ago, the beauty queen still looks as youthful as she was before. Looking at the makeup-free photos she’s been posting, she doesn’t look a day older than 30!

So, how does this beautiful actress age so gracefully? Read on to pick up her weight loss tips and beauty secrets.

She uses natural skincare products

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 1 - skincare - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Aimee prefers natural ingredients in her skincare products and avoids those with a long list of ingredients – she’s certainly a clean beauty advocate even before it’s a thing!

One of the skincare ingredients she looks out for is vitamin A, which she believes help with reducing the appearance of pores and fine lines.

She also goes for anti-ageing products

At 40+, Aimee Chan is focused on anti-ageing and uses products that target the appearance of wrinkles or protect the skin from environmental stressors and premature ageing.

In case you’re wondering what her favourite products are, here’s the tea: Pola Wrinkle Shot Serum (RM604) and the Dermacept Vitamin C5 Serum (RM75.50).

She is a vegetarian

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 2 - vegetarian - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Aimee Chan has always been a vegetarian except for short periods when she had to give up the diet to increase her nutrient intake more easily when she was pregnant.

After her children graduated to eating solid foods, she would return to her vegetarian diet and strictly stick to it, allowing her to easily shed pounds.

She sticks to a healthy diet

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 3 - healthy - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Aimee Chan is cautious with her salt and sugar intake and avoids fried food. At the same time, she loads up on nutrient-rich fruits and vegetables.

She cooks her own meals

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 4 - home meals - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Instead of going out or having takeaways, Aimee Chan cooks her own meals so she can make sure they are healthy yet delicious, allowing her to stick to her diet easily.

By cooking large portions to share with her family, she also makes sure that her growing children receive good nutrition.

She regularly exercises

Aimee Chan does a lot of aerobic exercises including dancing, yoga, hiking, and weight training. She’s so disciplined, even on days when she’s feeling grumpy, she will still force herself to exercise for at least 20 minutes.

Apart from working out on her own, she also often exercises with her family. Recently, she gained her green belt in taekwondo alongside her young daughter.

She tries to stay positive

Aimee Chan Beauty Tips - 5 - positive - @aimeechan_official on Instagram

Photo source: @aimeechan_official on Instagram

The star maintains a cheerful and optimistic attitude every day by focusing on the positive things in life like her loved ones.

This in turn, can make her look even more beautiful as stress and negative emotions can lead to bad skin.

Featured image credit: aimeechan_official & aimeechan_official