There are many gorgeous celebrities out there with beautiful skin and hair that we can’t help but admire. Ariana Grande, Catherine Zeta Jones, Jessica Alba… well, the list goes on.

What could be their secret to their beauty? Is it because of all the treatments that are available to them? Is it because they have the latest in skincare and makeup releases?

Or maybe it’s because of the weird celebrity hacks that float around their circles. Apparently, there are countless strange celebrity beauty hacks out there that they swear by.

We’ve gathered a few strange celebrity beauty hacks and tested them out ourselves to see once and for all if these celebrities are sharing their ultimate secrets.

Cindy Crawford – Milk and water as face mist

Weird celebrity hacks Cindy Crawford

Supermodel, actress, and television personality Cindy Crawford swears by this simple, DIY face mist that keeps her skin hydrated throughout the day.

Other than hydration, milk contains exfoliating lactic acid and fatty acids which help create a repairing barrier on the skin. So, I decided to try this milky mist for myself.

Weird celebrity hacks Cindy Crawford milk

I reused an old face mist bottle that I had lying around for this hack and mixed in a little fresh milk and water. Upon first spray, I didn’t feel anything different compared to a regular face mist.

It smelled slightly of milk, but not too strongly of it. I kept spraying my face throughout the day and over to the next day, but a friend of mine who witnessed my experiment mentioned something important.

What if the milk… curdles?

Suddenly, I realised that maybe my little experiment might not be so safe as I imagined. I wouldn’t want my milky face mist to turn into a cheesy one overnight. I think it’s best to keep to normal face mists for now.

Laverne Cox – Baby shampoo as cleanser

Weird celebrity hacks Laverne Cox

Orange is the New Black actress Laverne Cox may look glamorous but under that makeup and blonde hair is actually a simple skin-care routine. In fact, she uses baby shampoo as a cleanser.

Weird celebrity hacks Laverne Cox baby shampoo

Now, she doesn’t specify what brand or type of baby shampoo. So, when I walked down the aisles of my local supermarket, I opted for Pureen’s Baby Shampoo with Vitamin E for that extra nutritional boost.

When I washed my face, I found that the baby shampoo was very gentle on my skin. It didn’t feel far off from a gentler or pH balanced facial cleanser.

In fact, I was so impressed by this beauty hack that I decided to keep using this baby shampoo as my cleanser – not forever, mind you. Only until this bottle finishes.

Because while this cleanser may be effective, I would still stand by regular cleansers and their extra qualities such as exfoliating or moisturising properties. I would recommend this hack for those who are looking for a budget-friendly cleanser at a short moment’s notice.

Halle Berry – Ground coffee as body scrub

Weird celebrity hacks Halle Berry

Actress Halle Berry is well known for amazing, youthful looking skin. The secret to her radiant glow is apparently coffee grounds.

The actress adds a bit of coffee grounds to her body wash, which not only exfoliates her skin, but also helps prevent cellulite.

Weird celebrity hacks Halle Berry coffee grounds

This was a hack I was dying to try out myself as I love my caffeine. Adding the coffee grounds to my body wash made it smell heavenly like a fresh cup of coffee in the morning.

Washing my body with it was another thing, as the rough grounds did act as a great exfoliator for my skin, leaving it smooth and supple.

I may have added too much coffee grounds as it did feel a bit rough on my skin. When I tried again with less grounds and more body wash, it did feel a lot more pleasant.

Overall, it might take a bit of trial and error to get the right ratio of grounds to wash, but if you’re a coffee-lover, you’re likely to enjoy this delicious new DIY body scrub.

Lauren Conrad – Refrigerated potato slices as eye de-puffers

Weird celebrity hacks Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad, who rose to fame from the show Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County, stands by this beauty hack: she slices up refrigerated potatoes, soaks them in water for a moment, and then leaves it on her eye lids for 15 minutes.

Weird celebrity hacks Lauren Conrad potatoes

Writer Zile Chua put this hack to the test when she woke up one morning with puffy eyes. She did exactly what Lauren Conrad suggested, including the step of soaking it in water.

It did reduce some of the puffiness around her eyes, and she does recommend this hack because it’s always relaxing to place something cold on your eyes in the morning.

However, she does not recommend soaking the potatoes in water as it makes the slices less cold. Instead, just refrigerate them overnight, slice them, and use them over your eyes.

Freida Pinto – Petroleum jelly on eyelids

Weird celebrity hacks Freida Pinto

Indian-born actress Freida Pinto shared this beauty hack online: apply petroleum jelly on your eyelids for a dewy, angelic look.

Weird celebrity hacks Freida Pinto vaseline eyelids

Zile applied Vaseline Original 100% Pure Petroleum Jelly to her eyelids and was surprised to see that it really created a glowy, dewy look.

The downside is that if you touch your eyelids, the petroleum jelly comes off on your hands. Also, there is a slightly feeling of greasiness on the eyelids, so not all will enjoy the feeling of Vaseline on their eyelids.

Weird celebrity hacks Freida Pinto vaseline on eyes

Zile recommends using Vaseline as a base for your eyeshadow so it will look brighter and more pigmented. Her final verdict is that yes, you can try this petroleum jelly hack to highlight your eyes and create a dewy look.

Beyoncé – Elmer’s glue stick as brow gel

Weird celebrity hacks Beyonce

Powerhouse singer and actress Beyoncé is known for her beauty and style. Who knew that the secret to her flawlessly styled eyebrows is Elmer’s Glue Stick?

Weird celebrity hacks Beyonce glue stick eyebrow

Zile couldn’t find Elmer’s Glue Stick being sold in a physical store, so she substituted it for UHU Glue Stick that is also non-toxic.

She applied the glue to her eyebrows and then used a spoolie brush to brush the hair upwards. The brows didn’t stay in place at all though, and instead it became clumpy, with small bits of dried glue falling off. It was also messy to wash the glue off the spoolie brush too.

Her final verdict is that she would not use a glue stick to brush up her brows again. Though she does note that perhaps it may be due to using the wrong brand of glue. You can still try out this hack with Elmer’s Glue as you can find it online.

Ariana Grande – Coconut oil as hair mask

Weird celebrity hacks Ariana Grande

Singer Ariana Grande is known for having luxurious, long hair which she often ties up into a ponytail high on her head. One doesn’t need to stop and wonder how she keeps her hair so silky as the singer has shared her hair secret: coconut oil.

Coconut oil is known as an extremely versatile beauty product as it has moisturising, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, and anti-bacterial properties. It also protects hair health as it prevents protein loss in hair and is easily absorbed deep into the hair shaft.

Weird celebrity hacks Ariana Grande coconut oil hair

Our writer, Lynnett Yip, tried using some coconut oil in her hair and she quickly realised that she could only use small amounts or else her hair would end up very oily.

While her hair did feel smoother and looked a little shinier, she was not a fan of smelling like coconut all day long. Overall, she doesn’t recommend it as there’s actually a lot of trial and error involved to get the right amount for your hair, and you also need to be okay with the scent.

Blake Lively – Mayonnaise as hair conditioner

Weird celebrity hacks Blake Lively

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants star Blake Lively is another figure with gorgeous, silky locks, and she, too, has been open about the secret behind her lovely hair.

Mayonnaise is the key here – specifically, mayonnaise on the ends of her locks, so the shampoo won’t strip and dry out the bottom of the hair and hence make it brittle.

The strange thing is that Blake isn’t the only celebrity who uses mayonnaise in her hair: Salma Hayek and Zoe Saldana are just some other names that praise mayonnaise.

Weird celebrity hacks Blake Lively mayonnaise

While Blake never specified what kind of mayonnaise she used, Lynnett only had Kewpie Mayo on hand, so that was what she went with for this hack.

She applied it after shampooing, but it wasn’t a pleasant experience as there was a very strong scent of mayonnaise throughout the whole time waiting for her hair to soak. To her surprise, the smell quickly faded after she rinsed it off.

Weird celebrity hacks Blake Lively mayonnaise hair

Her hair felt soft afterwards, but she noted that it wasn’t as smooth and soft as compared to her regular conditioner – so not particularly life-changing. There was also a strange metallic, almost fishy smell to her locks afterwards.

Overall, she doesn’t recommend the hack unless you’re alright with the bathroom smelling like mayonnaise for 15 minutes after rinsing.

Catherine Zeta Jones – Strawberries as toothpaste

Weird celebrity hacks Catherine Zeta Jones

Welsh actress Catherine Zeta Jones has a beautiful smile, but she doesn’t use regular toothpaste for her pearly whites. Instead, she stands by strawberries.

She explains that strawberries contain malic acid which serves as an astringent and can lighten surface stains. So, she mashes one or two strawberries and then brushes her teeth with it.

Weird celebrity hacks Catherine Zeta Jones strawberry toothpaste

Lynnett mashed up a single strawberry for this hack and applied it diligently to her toothbrush. Strangely, the strawberry ‘toothpaste’ did foam up a little as she brushed her teeth.

Weird celebrity hacks Catherine Zeta Jones strawberry hack after

However, she didn’t note any major difference with just one time of brushing. She didn’t really enjoy brushing her teeth with a fruit as well, and would prefer to stick with her original toothpaste.

One thing she also noted is that the hack left a lot of strawberry seeds in her toothbrush the next day. Only try this hack for yourself if you’re prepared to dig out strawberry seeds from the bristles of your toothbrush.

Jessica Alba – Slapping skincare instead of massaging

Weird celebrity hacks Jessica Alba face slapping

Supposedly this actress slaps skincare into her face instead of slowly massaging it in. Benefits apparently include a plumper face, shrunken pores, lesser wrinkles, and better blood circulation.

Weird celebrity hacks Jessica Alba face slapping

Slapping skincare onto your face feels strangely therapeutic and relaxing for our writer Lynnett, but she found out that it didn’t do much for her skin.

It also made her skin look red after slapping, but she also notes that perhaps it’s one of those routines that have better results if you do it long-term.