If you’ve been on TikTok, chances are you’ve seen the viral marketing video for a foundation from China’s FVINA Beauty! In case you haven’t, the marketing is quite amusing!


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What’s catching eyes is how the lady vigorously pats the foundation on with a sponge, slaps on a face mask to show it’s transfer-proof, and even applies it under running water (to mimic rain!) to prove that it’s waterproof – quite a show, right?

Beyond the entertaining marketing, people are intrigued and skeptical about this seemingly too-good-to-be-true foundation. It claims to be a liquid foundation with high coverage, pore-blurring abilities, and it’s supposedly transfer-proof and waterproof.

So, does it really live up to all these claims? We’ve got the scoop, including real user reviews!

What’s The Deal With This Viral Foundation?

FV Liquid Foundation boasts skin-nourishing properties, promoting absorption, enhancing the skin barrier, and providing long-lasting moisture. It also claims to be waterproof and smudge-proof, suitable for all skin types, with ingredients like red ginseng and bird’s nest for added benefits.

The big selling point is its high coverage, promising to hide acne marks, dark spots, and age spots like a foundation and concealer combo.

But, there’s a catch – it only comes in two light shades, which has raised some eyebrows. Despite the limited shades, some brave souls tested it out to see if it’s as good as it claims.

Does This Viral Actually Work?

Surprisingly, the reviews are mixed! Some users were convinced and impressed, while others remained skeptical, thinking the marketing might have gone too far.


I must say their ads were rlly effective… 😂 Here’s my honest review of the FV Liquid Foundation from @FVformakeup 👀

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Nicole (@nicolechowww) loved how well the foundation covered her redness. Though there was a bit of transfer during the mask and waterproof tests, she still found it impressive compared to other foundations.

In the end, she gave it a thumbs up for its long-lasting effect and affordability, recommending it!


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Similarly, Daniel (@daniel_jchan) was pleasantly surprised by the foundation’s performance, praising its coverage and glowy finish. While it didn’t pass the waterproof test completely, he still gave it a thumbs up!

However, some skeptics in the comments doubted the pore-blurring effect, suspecting filters or heavy editing.


Super curious about this liquid foundation that its all over tiktok Ads, let me test it out for myself and for you!

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Jolene (@j0lenej0j0) pointed out that the foundation highlighted pores, but liked the coverage and was amazed by its waterproof and transfer-proof features.

Where To Find This Viral Foundation?


The FV Liquid Foundation retails for RM6.59 on Shopee.

While the marketing may be over-the-top, the foundation seems to deliver for some users. Will you give it a shot in your next makeup routine?

Featured image credit: @fvinabeauty/TikTok.