If you’ve ever been irked by those pesky dark spots around your nose and thought they were blackheads, you’re probably wrong. Your skincare products might not be falling short – those little culprits might actually be sebaceous filaments.

Dr. Shereen Eidriss, a certified dermatologist, recently shared a TikTok video that might clear things up. Mixing up blackheads and sebaceous filaments can lead to ineffective treatment, so let’s get the lowdown on both and find out how to deal with sebaceous filaments.

What Exactly Are Sebaceous Filaments?

Sebaceous filaments are not the same as blackheads, and the good news is, they’re completely normal – everyone has them. These filaments are like tiny threads that run alongside your oil glands, helping sebum (that oily stuff) move from the glands to your skin’s surface.

Photo credit: Cleveland Clinic.

When your oil glands overproduce sebum, these filaments become more noticeable.

How to Tell Them Apart from Blackheads?

According to Dr. Shereen, the key difference is the size – sebaceous filaments are all pretty much the same size across your nose, while blackheads come in various shapes and sizes.


Sebaceous filaments (left) vs. blackheads (right).

How Do You Get Rid of Sebaceous Filaments?

Getting rid of sebaceous filaments is a bit of a challenge, but Dr. Shereen has a handy tip to keep your nose smooth. She advises against using oil cleansers for massaging out sebaceous filaments, especially if you have very oily or easily clogged skin.

Instead, go for a sulfur-based cleanser like the Kate Somerville EradiKate™ Daily Cleanser. Apply it on your nose, let it sit for a few minutes, and then rinse it off.


This potent daily cleanser with 3% sulfur is designed to reduce blackheads and breakouts. It’s suitable for various skin types and can help with blemishes, pores, and oiliness.

According to Dr. Shereen, sulfur is effective for sebaceous filaments because it helps control sebum production. So, if you’ve got oily skin and those pesky clogged pores, this could be your secret weapon.

Where to Get the Kate Somerville EradiKate™ Daily Cleanser?


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Featured image credit: @shereeneidriss/TikTok.