Can you believe it’s already been two decades since the original Mean Girls graced the silver screen? Time really does fly!

Fast forward to 2024, we’re getting ready for an incredible celebration featuring a fresh new group of Plastics, ready to make their grand debut in Singapore on 22 February.

And what better way to channel the spirit of Regina, Cady, and the gang than with a Mean Girls-inspired manicure?

We’ve searched high and low on the internet to bring you a collection of trendy designs that even Regina George herself would give her stamp of approval.

So get ready to show off your nails with the confidence of a true Spring Fling queen, and let your fingertips do the talking—just like the infamous Burn Book gossip!

Mean Girls Manicure #1: Secretly Chic French

mean girls manicure

Credits: @geesbeautyandco/Instagram

Leave behind those ordinary white tips! This manicure elevates the traditional French style to an entirely new realm, drawing inspiration from the most tantalising gossip in the burn book.

While the nude base maintains an air of elegance, reminiscent of Regina’s seemingly flawless facade, the kiss and XO designs inject a sassy murmur right onto your fingernail.

This manicure is ideal for the queen bee (or aspiring one) who desires to infuse their everyday appearance with a touch of individuality and a dash of burn book theatrics!

Mean Girls Manicure #2: Regina’s Reign

mean girls manicure

Credits: @lolo.nailedit/Instagram

Don’t bother with matching, Plastics don’t settle for simplicity! Say goodbye to dull monochrome and welcome the Regina-approved range of pink.

Every finger deserves its unique hue, just like distinct cliques in the lunchroom. Be daring and flaunt a baby pink as naive as Karen Smith, a daring hot pink as fiery as Gretchen Wieners, or perhaps even a coral pink as sweet (yet secretly scheming) as Cady Heron herself.

Mean Girls Manicure #3: Chromed-Out Confidence

mean girls manicure

Credits: @annissasbeauty/Instagram

Upgrade your nail game by ditching the mundane pink and opting for a stunning chrome finish. These nails will outshine even Regina’s smile (well, almost…), reminding everyone who truly rules the school.

To achieve this fabulous manicure, apply two coats of pink nail polish and top it off with chrome powder.

These nails exude fierceness, sophistication, and undeniable allure – just like the Plastics themselves.

So go ahead, embrace your inner queen bee and let your chrome claws steal the spotlight – just remember, with fabulous nails comes great responsibility (like, avoiding chipping them during a cafeteria showdown).

Mean Girls Manicure #4: Cady’s Swirl Surprise

mean girls manicure

Credits: @brushedbyb_/Instagram

This stunning light pink manicure with black swirls creates a captivating and vibrant design that brings to mind Cady’s dress from her unforgettable first house party. It beautifully combines femininity and boldness, reflecting Cady’s transformation from a shy transfer student to a self-assured queen bee.

Rocking this manicure will effortlessly add a playful charm to your everyday style, and you’ll definitely turn heads, just like Cady did with her very own Aaron Samuels!

Mean Girls Manicure #5: Regina’s Camo Pants

mean girls manicure

Credits: @yo_keshh/Instagram

Picture a revamped Regina George: still exuding confidence and fashion-forwardness, but with a contemporary twist. This vibrant camo-print manicure effortlessly enhances your everyday style, ideal for trendsetters who always stay one step ahead.

Mean Girls Manicure #6: Bold Red Rebellion

mean girls manicure

Credits: @klawsbysonia/Instagram

This nail design is a bold choice for those who are willing to challenge conventions. The light pink base provides a surprisingly delicate backdrop, while the dark red French tips extend all the way to the cuticles, creating a striking and unconventional contrast.

Imagine Regina George, but with a rebellious twist. It perfectly combines sweetness with a fierce attitude!

Mean Girls Manicure #7: Pink and Gold Extravaganza

mean girls manicure

Credits: @phoebesummer/Instagram

This nail design is a pink paradise with a hint of celestial enchantment. The pale pink base sets the ideal canvas, while each finger showcases a distinct shade of pink for the French tip, resulting in a captivating and dynamic effect.

However, the true allure lies in the gold accents: dainty stars shimmer like scattered constellations, and small rhinestones bring a glamorous sparkle to the overall look.

Mean Girls Manicure #8: Plastics Ombre Magic

mean girls manicure

Credits: @lolo.nailedit/Instagram

Our beloved Plastics always add a unique twist to the classics. To achieve the ombre effect, you’ll need to apply various shades of pink using a sponge. It requires dedication and skill, but our Plastics can handle anything, right?

Mean Girls Manicure #9: Cady’s Blush

mean girls manicure

Credits: @nuka.nails/Instagram

Achieve a charmingly faded appearance by applying a selection of your preferred light pink polishes to each nail. For an added touch of elegance, skip the glossy top coat and instead opt for a delicate matte finish. This will give your nails a sweet and innocent vibe, reminiscent of Cady’s past innocence.

If you’re longing for the perfect baby pink shade, you should definitely consider getting the essie Nail Polish in Sugar Daddy (RM75.23).

Mean Girls Manicure #10: Fetching Flame

mean girls manicure

Credits: @yo_keshh/Instagram

Make a bold statement with this vibrant orange poppy nail design, reminiscent of Gretchen Wieners. Who says Mean Girls manis have to be limited to pink?

Snag essie Nail Polish in 67 Meet Me At Sunset (RM75.23) and lock in the brilliance with a glossy top coat to look bold and bright, like Gretchen’s secrets bursting out in a blaze of colour.

Mean Girls Manicure #11: Mrs. George’s Gloss

mean girls manicure

Credits: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

Embrace Mrs. George’s effortlessly stylish and trendy mom persona by trying out this sleek, vibrant hot pink glossy manicure. It’s an ideal choice for those seeking a sophisticated appearance with a touch of fun.

Essie Nail Polish in 27 Watermelon (RM75.23) delivers the perfect shade – a bold pink with a hint of blue that flatters all skin tones.

Mean Girls Manicure #12: Basic But Expensive

mean girls manicure

Credits: @overglowedit/Instagram

If the Mean Girls gang were parading around in 2024, they would definitely be showing off a sleek and understated manicure on their casual days, exuding the ultimate “quiet luxury” vibe.

DIOR Vernis in 100 Nude Lock (RM130) is the perfect nail polish for achieving that natural, barely-there look like the one showcased here.

Mean Girls Manicure #13: Karen’s Cloud Nine

mean girls manicure

Credits: @gelcare.official/Instagram

If hot pink isn’t your thing, why not immerse yourself in a delightful and smooth pastel pink?

This shade perfectly captures the enchanting and carefree nature of our beloved ditzy queen, Karen Smith, and it’s completely her style!

Apply a few coats of your favourite pastel pink nail polish and complete the look with a clear top coat for an added touch of shine.

Mean Girls Manicure #14: Mrs. George’s Throwback

mean girls manicure

Credits: @nuka.nails/Instagram

The thick French manicure is giving us all the nostalgic feels from the early 2000s and reminding us of Mrs. George’s stylish attempts to stay on-trend. Whether you opt for a traditional acrylic or a modern gel builder, you can’t go wrong – it’s a win-win situation!

Mean Girls Manicure #15: Summer Burn

mean girls manicure

Credits: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

This bold red swirl combined with a vibrant hot pink shade is reminiscent of the Plastics unleashing their untamed spirit and fully embracing their wild side during their “hot girl summer”. It’s the ideal manifestation of summer’s invigorating energy that we’ve all yearned for, in the most exceptional manner imaginable!

Mean Girls Manicure #16: Mean Girls’ Shimmering Secrets

mean girls manicure

Credits: @____annails____/Instagram

Elevate your style with more than just a hot pink manicure by adding some fun sparkly accents and designs inspired by the iconic lip print from the burn book. This manicure captures the glamour and drama of the Plastics’ world, instantly lifting your mood and complementing your pink Wednesday outfits flawlessly.

Mean Girls Manicure #17: Pink French Twist

mean girls manicure

Credits: @lenarosebeautcy/Instagram

2. Take your French manicure to new heights by infusing it with sophistication and a touch of edginess. The light pink base sets the stage for the vibrant pink tips to steal the spotlight. This manicure is ideal for making a statement without being too loud, just like Regina herself.

Mean Girls Manicure #18: Goth Queen Janis

mean girls manicure

Credits: @klawsbysonia/Instagram

Leave pastels behind with a deep, velvety black base coat. This shade is as fearless and confident as Janis herself, but it’s not your ordinary black. It’s infused with a hint of silver shimmer, reminiscent of twinkling stars in the midnight sky.

This manicure strikes the perfect harmony between edgy and glamorous. It’s designed for those who dance to their own rhythm, who don’t seek validation from anyone, not even Regina George, to be truly iconic.

Mean Girls Manicure #19: Mean Girls Homage

mean girls manicure

Credits: @reynadidmynails/Instagram

Channel your inner queen bee with this multi-design manicure that’s a love letter to the “Mean Girls” movie. Forget boring solids and embrace the Plastics’ diverse personalities with each fingertip showcasing a different iconic scene in the original movie.

Let your creativity flow, mix and match, and don’t hesitate to add your personal touch!

Mean Girls Manicure #20: Gossip Gem

mean girls manicure

Credits: @cjs_nails_pedis/Instagram

Leave behind the dull nudes and the ordinary pink. This nail design is a tantalising secret inspired by Regina’s burn book, displayed boldly on your fingertips.

Imagine an elegant nude foundation adorned with iconic Mean Girls quotes written in adorable, petite fonts. Sprinkle in some playful kisses and mischievous “XO”s for an added element of amusement. And complete the look with a timeless pink French tip, adding a touch of sophistication amidst the chaos, just like our beloved Plastics.

These nails are sure to spark conversations and may even set a new trend. But remember, the original queen bee will always reign supreme!

Feature image credits: @annissasbeauty/Instagram, @cjs_nails_pedis/Instagram, @____annails____/Instagram